Vaccination for people under 5 years old “several months ahead”

According to Allen Cheng, former chair of the Australian Immunity Technical Advisory Group, Australian parents have to wait another couple of months for children under the age of five to get the COVID-19 jab. prize.

In an interview with Saint Herald When Sunday eraCheng, a member of ATAGI, said the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines “are likely to be deployed as TGA within a few months.” [Therapeutic Goods Administration] And ATAGI see it and people are trained [to deliver the jab] And we get the vaccine. “

Pfizer’s infant jabs are one-tenth as strong as adult jabs and are given three times to provide

Chen did not set a time frame for deployment to children under the age of 5, but in reality, waiting a few more months means that vaccination will not begin until late August or early September. Means

“Two years later we know that COVID is not a serious illness for children. Very rarely, serious complications can occur in the presence of other medical conditions.” Said Chen, an infectious disease specialist.

“I understand that some parents are afraid and worried about their children getting infected with COVID, but it’s not a dangerous illness in that group. [kids aged under five].. “

Chen’s comment is that after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved injections for 6-month-old children, U.S. children were one step closer to being eligible for the two-dose Moderna and three-dose Pfizer vaccines. Come.


The final step is for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend vaccine usage. Recommendations are scheduled within 24 hours and final approval will be immediate.

Australia has recorded 27,042 COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, with a total of more than 7.7 million cases and 9,323 deaths.

Vaccination for people under 5 years old “several months ahead”

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