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Uvalde School District Police Chief Resigns from City Council in Criticism | Texas School Shooting

The Uvalde School District Police Chief, Texas, has resigned from the city council of his community in May in criticism of responding to a shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School.

Pedro “Pete” Arredondo told Uvalde Leader-News that he had resigned from a city council post sworn just seven days after the slaughter. outlet Reported on Saturday.

According to a statement by Mayor of Yuvalde, Don McLaughlin, the city government knew through a local newspaper that Aledondo would resign and called it “the right thing.”

However, McLaughlin’s statement added that the city “had never seen a letter or other document.” [Arredondo’s] As of Saturday afternoon.

According to Leader-News, Arredondo confronted the archer at Robb on May 24 and continued to claim that he was not the commander of an officer who had waited more than an hour before being killed. His statement goes against the findings of Steve McLaugh, the state’s director of public safety. Steve McLaugh concluded that Aledondo’s call to delay police officers that day, even though he had enough numbers and weapons to stop the genocide much sooner. They did.

Aledondo told Leader News that he prayed to the families of the school slaughter victims.

“The guidance when talking to other communities that have experienced similar tragedy is the same. We will continue to support our families, continue to support our communities, and undoubtedly maintain our faith,” Arredondo said.

Aledondo was absent from the first two city council meetings of his tenure and faced expulsion from the panel in the event of a third unreasonable absence. At the end of last month, the city council rejected a request to give him a vacation to prevent him from being expelled from his body if he was absent from more than one meeting.

Residents attended the meeting and the council considered taking leave and urged colleagues to dismiss it. Some said they failed the students and teachers who were killed on the day of the attack. A relative of one victim said, “We are begging. Free this man from our lives.”

He was placed before resigning from the council Paid leave From his position as the school district’s police chief, while federal and state investigations into the officer’s response to the attack on Rob continue.

Residents were thinking of putting him on the liquor if Aledondo insisted on retaining a seat in the city council. Less than 50 signatures were required to force the election, but local law prevented residents from taking such measures until February next year.

After Aledondo’s resignation takes effect, voters in his council district have the opportunity to choose a replacement to serve his remaining four-year term.

Aledondo is the highest law enforcement officer in his county and has earned $ 90,750 each year since becoming police chief of the Yuvarde school district in 2020. In contrast, the salary of a local sheriff is about $ 77,915.

After a committee of state legislators investigating the shooting released a timeline showing that 11 officers were stationed outside the two classrooms that were attacked within seven minutes of the first 911 call. It seems that his ability to get a public office has weakened.

At least two police officers had rifles and provided enough teams to launch assaults against intruders fleeing another shooting scene, McLough said.

Police responding to so-called active shooters have been trained to confront assailants as soon as possible, rather than waiting for reinforcements, for at least 20 years.

However, instead of ordering the police to enter, Aledondo, who was at the school scene, kept the police waiting while calling for reinforcements from the city police.

“Currently, we don’t have enough firepower,” Arredondo said in part, according to the committee’s record of the call.

Aledondo was also allegedly worried that the intruder could have locked the door to the cornered classroom and couldn’t quickly locate the key. But in reality the door was not locked. According to Commission evidence, police officers had “hooligans” tools that could pry open locked doors, even if they were locked.

Police officers raided the classroom 77 minutes after the attack and killed the shooter. But by that time he had already killed 21 people and injured 17 others.

McCraw finally described Arredondo’s performance that day as “an absolute failure, the exact opposite of everything we learned” about the shootings.

Uvalde School District Police Chief Resigns from City Council in Criticism | Texas School Shooting

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