US Afghanistan advance achieved nothing: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown that U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan has achieved in all respects tragedy and loss of life, and that it is impossible to impose foreign values ​​on other nations. Say you are.

Putin spoke with teens at an educational facility in Far East Russia and revealed that he believes the US approach to a country once invaded by the Soviet Union is seriously flawed.

“The U.S. military has been in this territory for 20 years, civilizing the people who live there for 20 years, and trying to instill their own norms and living standards in the broadest possible sense of the word. “.

“The result is only tragedy and loss of life for those who do it, the United States, and those who live in the territory of Afghanistan. The result is zero, if not negative overall.”

The final US military withdrew from Afghanistan on Monday, and US President Joe Biden spoke on Tuesday about the end of the era of major military operations to rebuild other nations.

The US exit is a security headache for Moscow, which sees the nearby former Soviet Central Asia as part of the southern defense and fears a radical expansion of Islamism.

Moscow has strengthened its military base in Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan, and its troops are conducting a month of exercises near the border.

Some Russian mass media enjoy what they have thrown as a catastrophic US geopolitical failure, but the Soviet Union also joined its army in 1989 after a decade of fighting in Afghanistan. The exaggeration was eased by the fact that it was withdrawn.

Russia’s security minister said he was deeply concerned about the potential for instability to spread to Central Asia, the potential for militants to invade a wider area, including Russia, and drug production in Afghanistan. ..

Putin, who had previously said that Moscow learned the lessons of the Soviet Union’s own Afghanistan blunder and had no plans to deploy troops there, could consider the history, culture and philosophy of the lives of people like Afghanistan. When dealing with those that are said to be important.

“It’s impossible to push anything against them from the outside,” Putin said.

US Afghanistan advance achieved nothing: Putin

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