Updates, draft orders, best players available, snubbed drafts, start times

Young aspirants and veterans will have the last chance to win the 2022 AFL list spot in the rookie and pre-season draft this afternoon. Live below from 3pm EDT!

Sixty-five players were selected in the national draft, but there are dozens of promising draft-era stars who want to gain a lifeline.

Players selected in the rookie draft will continue to move to the AFL list, but not to the primary list. In other words, you have a smaller contract. Pre-season drafts are rarely used and less than one player has been selected each year since 2013.

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Draft winners and losers

7 members of FoxFooty’s Draft Power Ranking Top 50 Remains available including Nedlong (No.38), Charlie Dean (No.39), Jack Avery (No.43), Casey Boss (No.44), Josh Brown (No.47), Noah Pegoraro (No.48) and Mitch Cox (No.50).

Of particular note is defender Dean winning the VFL’s Fozergill Round Mitchell medal as the youngest player. The last 14 winners were all drafted by AFL, but the boss is the son of new Carlton coach Michael.

Butler Boy Celebrate Draft Choice | 01:35

Other young guns wanting a gig include: Josh Cripps, Carlton Gun Patrick’s younger brother, Brain O’Loughlin, Sydney’s great nephew of Michael, and Break SchlensogA tall player from the former Geelong listing that has impressed WAFL since its delisting in the second half of 2020.

However, as the league-wide list is squeezed, there are many well-known players who need to be re-drafted by either an existing club or another club in order to continue their career.

The AFL Club has promised to re-draft more than 12 players as a rookie, including: CamEllis-Yolmen (Brisbane), Rossie O’Brien When Matt Cotlet (Carlton), Isaac Chug (Collingwood), Connor Breakley When Mitch Clouden (Fremantle), Jez McClenan When Rory Thompson (Gold Coast), Jacob Wale (GWS), Jared Polek (North Melbourne), Sam Maze (Port Adelaide), Noah Cumberland When Bigo Annion (Richmond), and Lewis Taylor (Sydney).

The Rookie Draft and Pre-Season Draft will be held consecutively in virtual format starting at 3:00 pm EDT on Friday.

AFL will confirm draft orders for both rookie drafts and pre-season drafts on Friday.

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Updates, draft orders, best players available, snubbed drafts, start times

Source link Updates, draft orders, best players available, snubbed drafts, start times

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