Up-and-coming designers show off their talents

The Crosby Challenge, which is offered to all sophomores in interior design and is part of the curriculum, is an opportunity for students to show off their skills.

At the Crosby Challenge, an annual contest co-sponsored by Crosby Tiles with North Metropolitan TAFE, students design and present a resort-style bathroom concept for proposed clients.

Students will be randomly assigned one of three design themes. These themes serve as the main influence in the design.

Antoni Daniel, Customer Service Manager at Crosby Tiles, said the three themes this year are coastal, rural and urban.

“We chose a geographic location this year because we often want to connect with the environment in which our clients live and reflect these factors in our homes,” he said.

“The quality of the students’ work was so good that it was a tough job for the judges.

“It was very difficult to agree on only nine finalists this year.

“It took longer than we expected to make a decision because we had to draw a thin line to narrow down the winners.”

According to Daniel, the window type used was the most common way each theme was reflected in the design.

“Almost every student this year has incorporated large and luxurious windows into their bathroom design in a truly creative way,” he said.

“In the essence of the theme, the finishes and materials chosen for the bathroom reflect the mood and story that the students created in their concepts and briefs.

“Not only was a lot of consideration given to the equipment of the interior, but the same amount of creativity was incorporated into the window as an element in the design.”

Easily requested competitors need to incorporate pedestrian accessibility

Incorporating the requirements into the design, Daniel said this was achieved in multiple ways.

“Apart from considering spatial layout, most student designs had wide open walk-in showers, often with tiled pedestals for seats,” he said.

“We have also taken special care of the spacious bathtub and the space that may be needed to access the toilet suite.”

Every year, Daniel said he was amazed at the creativity and quality of his work when he saw the design standards, and this year was no exception.

Up-and-coming designers show off their talents

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