Unknowns of SUPER2 & 3

By Dan McCarthy

At this stage, it is unclear which generation of supercars will qualify for both Super2 and Super3 in 2022, which raises concerns for teams and drivers.

One of these drivers won the opening round of the Super 3 Series at Bassert, but John of New South Welshman chose to abandon the lead and step up to the Super 2 Series with next year in mind. This is McCorkindale.

Gen2 cars are currently racing in the Supercar Championship and will be moved to Gen3 machines at some point next season.

Currently, the second tier competitors of the Super2 series are racing Car of the Future cars (manufactured and run in the 2013-2016 main game), and Super3 is running cars from 2012 onwards. ..

At this stage, AutoAction understands that Super2 competitors will be able to compete in the Gen2 Ford Mustang and ZB Commodores from 2022, but will face the current VF Commodores and FGX Falcons in this category.

It’s unclear what the future holds for the Super3 series, but for McCorkindale, purchasing a COTF machine will secure its position in at least one subcategory.

In addition to the turmoil, AA has heard from several sources that both Super 2 and Super 3 cars will be significantly slower in order to maintain the Supercar Championship as the fastest category.

The Gen3 machine is expected to lap a few seconds slower than the current spec car. In other words, the lower tier series will be faster unless you make some changes.

AA has heard that older spec cars run at higher differential ratios, changing the rear wing to take downforce from the car and shrinking the undertray.

McCorkindale himself wants to run in Super2 next year and believes that the equivalence of the two types of supercars is a necessity in this category.

“If they said they were going to bring Mustang and ZB down, I wouldn’t have a drama with it if that meant more numbers on the grid,” McCorkindale told AutoAction. Ta

“I don’t think the 15 ZBs and Mustangs will go down, so I want them to paris. It would be beneficial for the class to prioritize those cars.”

Inside the supercar, there was talk of dividing the Super 2 Series into two classes, with Super 2 A running the Gen2 machine and Super 2 B running on the existing car.

This is what McCorkindale strongly opposes.

“I don’t like that idea,” he said. “If they had 30 cars, I would say I would do it. But if I still have only 15-18 cars, it’s better to prioritize old and new cars. I think it’s good.

“If they’re in class racing, it could work as long as the exposure of both classes is equal, but in reality, unless both get good numbers, you won’t see the benefits of the class. Hmm”.

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Unknowns of SUPER2 & 3

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