Uni’s Brutalist Concrete Auditorium has been restored

“Look at this wonderful boarded concrete [using timber to embed a grain in the concrete]”She adds.


The 20-meter-long tapestry by artist Monaghesing in the early 1970s remained completely intact, but other elements, such as the ribbed concrete ceiling, were only revealed when the fake ceiling was removed. became.

“With the addition of electrical services, it was thought easier to simply hide the ceiling,” says Cogger.

However, in order to create a large vestibule and increase the size of the entrance to the foyer, especially the north-facing main foyer and high street, Lahznimmo expanded the original horned concrete protrusions, but past and present. We used different materials to distinguish between.

New floor-to-floor arrival with a combination of copper oxide sheets covering the new hood on three sides (corresponding to the copper used in the original roof) and copper-gold rubble tiles on the exterior eaves and interior walls A feeling was born. Ceiling glass reaches a peak of 12 meters in height.


Lahznimmo has also carefully refurbished the foyer, incorporating a color palette from Hessing tapestry shades. According to Lahz, “from dawn to dusk”, there are deep red and orange to blue melange.

Along with futurist style armchairs (think of the TV series), a new built-in lounge has also been added. The Jetsons, Popular in the 1960s).

A new 10 meter long stone reception counter has been added, along with oxidized panels and gold velvet curtains.

In time, Lahznimmo created a new sign in the auditorium using the original fonts of the 1960s.

The cool, deep royal blue carpet that replaced the carpet tiles worn in the 1980s now complements textured concrete walls.

“Our outline was very simple from the beginning, just to expand the foyer,” says Koger. Koger realized that the new design also required the removal and stripping of recent layers to reveal the true beauty of this extraordinary Brutalist building. ..

“It was important to keep the original design consistent and still work today,” says Cogger. He expects the addition of a new light rail to High Street to increase the number of students using this entrance.

The auditorium is becoming the background for alumni photography, and a new golden veil is shaping this special moment.

Uni’s Brutalist Concrete Auditorium has been restored

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