Ukrainian playboy Vitaliy Grechin faces prison in naked Dubai photo shoot

The 40 models imprisoned for nude poses on a balcony in Dubai are still in custody as the photographer has been facing for 18 months.

The Ukrainian playboy, allegedly behind the naked Dubai photo shoot, could be imprisoned for 18 months and the model is still imprisoned.

Vitaliy Grechin, the wealthy businessman behind Scandalous Nude photography in which at least 40 women were arrestedBelieved to be in custody, Sun Report.

This was despite previous reports Segodnya A newspaper saying that the 41-year-old left the United Arab Emirates.

A Kiev-based U.S. passport holder was only arrested at this stage, but he could face a year and a half imprisonment, Outlet said, citing his own source. ..

Meanwhile, a model from Ukraine earlier this month Posing naked on the balcony while participating in an “obscene video” Kiev reports that he is still in custody awaiting deportation.

Videos and photos of naked women lined up on the veranda during filming began to spread on social media on April 3.

Relation: The model arrested for nude photography in Dubai is a lawyer

A photo showing the models lined up in an apartment in the city’s luxury marina district has appeared.

They can also be seen from the inside posing on the balcony with a panoramic view of the city.

Officials will be fined approximately $ 1800 for violating the public order and morals of the United Arab Emirates, as well as prisons.

All models are understood to be from the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Gretin was portrayed by a series of well-known names, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, and junior Viktor Yanukovych, the late son of the former Ukrainian president.

According to Ukrainian reports, 11 models are expected to be deported “soon”, but the exact timing is unknown.

If so, this is considered generous treatment. Because under Shari’a law, they could have been imprisoned for six months to undermine public morality.

The twelfth model has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and said her departure would be delayed. Segodnya..

Alexey Kontsov, 33, the boss of a Russian IT company, was also allegedly involved in the balcony photography and remains in detention in Dubai.

Eight other Ukrainian women were allowed to return home, but did not talk about the videos or photos that caused the international incident.

One said, “I was told not to show my face for a while, otherwise it would be worse.

“Now all girls are afraid.”

Separately, there were reports that many groups of Dubai models refused to undress for naked shoots.

The photo shows Ghrelin playing the piano in a Dubai apartment surrounded by 21 naked women in the apartment where the photo and footage in question were created.

Meanwhile, Ghrelin’s fellow French billionaire Stephen Clavelle, 44, denied being in Dubai to shoot.

“I know some girls, not all the girls there,” he admitted to TSN.

“We are friends. They were at my birthday party in Dubai.”

His birthday was January and Ghrelin said he invited him to an event last week, but he didn’t.

“I know ghrelin, he has a photo-related fetish, he loves to take millions of photos,” he said.

“He probably gave the girls a little alcohol, so they were sexier, more courageous, and stripped naked on a balcony banned in Dubai.”

TSN also reported that Clavel’s apartment in Kiev was visited by police who broke the door to search.

A Russian photographer who worked with Ghrelin denied he was a “sex giant.”

Sergei Lenin, who also denied taking a trip to Dubai, said Ghrelin was “a muddy person, but he is very smart and original.”

“His actions are not always useful for logic,” Lenin said.

He was “not a sex giant” but “a deep and lonely person”.

“I sent him a screenshot of this story with a caption:” Hey, you’re famous now, “but I didn’t get any reply. “

Model Marianna Fedchuk, 21, who returned from Dubai to Kiev, revealed that her friend Olga Tatar, 23, was also on the trip.

This article was originally published Sun Reproduced with permission

Ukrainian playboy Vitaliy Grechin faces prison in naked Dubai photo shoot

Source link Ukrainian playboy Vitaliy Grechin faces prison in naked Dubai photo shoot

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