Uber Eats brings Irwinds and Paris Hilton to life in Bondi

Uber Eats has partnered with Revolution 360 to I will eat tonight motion. This time, the mural with a water bowl for Bondi’s dog comes alive.

In partnership with street poster company Revolution 360, the unique outing campaign features a mural design that appeals to the family. It blends a pretty unique combination of the fascinating Paris Hilton and the Irwin family.

As part of the award-winning I will eat tonight In the campaign, bespoke murals are on the iconic Bondi Beach. The full-size, eye-catching mural depicts Hilton staring at Irwins while eating.

Something for a furry friend

Not only a flat mural, but also a water bowl for dogs. That makes sense. The work itself features Australia’s unique wildlife warrior, Irwins, so looking for a puppy seems natural.

It’s a unique way to get the attention of passers-by. Hilton is one of the most famous pop culture icons, and a custom pink dazzling dog bowl only complements social celebrities.

Revolution360 National Sales Director, Josh Fitzgerald, Talked about a unique campaign. “The Uber Eats campaign was fun. The creative challenge was to showcase cultural conflicts, emphasizing common interests. Irwinds and Paris Hilton are not a traditional combination, but to animals. Common love connects them. We wanted to make non-traditional out-of-home products as much as the talent of the campaign. We want them with our furry friends. I wanted to provide a moment of surprise and joy to human beings.

“Our murals have become a popular medium for advertisers looking for something unique and bespoke that blends into the urban environment. Uber Eats murals and custom water bowls for pets are a symbol of Sydney. It’s fully tied to the latest campaigns in the world. Revolution360 is becoming synonymous with these types of blue sky and quirky campaigns, and we love working with our clients to get creative. “

The murals are hand-painted in Bondi and will be on display for four weeks.

Uber Eats brings Irwinds and Paris Hilton to life in Bondi

Source link Uber Eats brings Irwinds and Paris Hilton to life in Bondi

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