U.S. mom explains why she bite a baby with rocks, sticks, and sand

After her mother took her to TikTok and repeatedly asked why she was okay with it, she explained why she had her baby bite soil, sand and rocks.

22-year-old Alice Bender records in her TikTok account Growing Up Fern that she raised a boy’s fern in a vegan household in Arizona, USA.

Watch the controversial TikTok video above

The idea of ​​allowing babies to chew on dirt and bacteria-covered things may seem shocking, especially now that our hygiene-obsessed COVID-19 pandemic dominates.

But for vendors, that’s not a problem.

If the fern wants to lick an unsterilized shopping cart, his mother tells him that parents and health officials have only recently had problems with this type of behavior.

“I’m not afraid of bacteria,” she says in the video.

“In fact, I welcome it.

“I trust nature and I trust my baby.

“It’s no coincidence that a baby has this instinct when breastfeeding.”

Mom Alice Bender explains why she bit her baby fern with sand, rocks and sticks. credit: TikTok / Growth upfern

From about 3 months of age, it is common for babies to engage in the “baby’s mouth”, which uses their mouth to explore the world around them.

That means pushing everything they can find into their mouth, whether hygienic or not.

Many parents will grab unsanitary stuff from their baby’s mouth, but others think exposure to bacteria helps them develop a strong immune system.

In the TikTok video, the vendor also refers to the “symptomatic industry.”

“In the last few hundred years, the symptomatic industry has swept the world,” she says.

“This wasn’t a coincidence, it happened after a series of multi-billion dollar campaigns aimed at changing the public’s view of health.”

Allopathic medicine, or allopathic, refers to traditional modern medicine based on science-in contrast to homeopathic medicine, based on the belief that the body can cure itself, or in small amounts such as plants and minerals. Alternative practice with the help of natural substances.

“I’m not afraid of bacteria, in fact I welcome it,” says her mother, Alice Bender. credit: TikTok / Growth upfern

The vendor’s video has been watched more than 12 million times, causing intense debate among parents.

“I not only know where you came from, but also parasites, carnivorous bacteria, meningitis, measles …” wrote one person.

“It’s one of feeding your kids food from the ground, but you’re overdoing it,” another said.

Others said they were allowed to eat soil and grow and did not suffer from any adverse health problems.

“I think it’s very strange when people protect their children from everything,” writes one.

“Your baby will have an amazing immune system,” another said.

U.S. mom explains why she bite a baby with rocks, sticks, and sand

Source link U.S. mom explains why she bite a baby with rocks, sticks, and sand

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