TRS Limited to New Zealand Grand Prix in 2022

By Rhys Vandersyde

The Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand will be held at the annual 2022 event due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19.

The summer open-wheel series, traditionally frequented by international drivers on the road to Formula 1, refocuses on local drivers following the 67th New Zealand Grand Prix on February 11-13 at Hampton Downs. Guess.

“The ongoing COVID turmoil has affected our ability to bring in international drivers,” said Andrew Davis, general manager of Toyota Gazu Racing New Zealand.

“It’s a shame that TRS is a major junior formula championship in motorsport worldwide and is even more interested than usual during this pandemic and we need to focus solely on domestic events.”

A two-round, four-round championship was planned on the South Island, but access to the MIQ facility to return Kiwi drivers and Australian and international driver candidates was denied.

TGRNZ decided instead to focus on making the Grand Prix a successful standalone event.

“We are committed to creating successful opportunities for young kiwi drivers with the goal of finding the next World Champion in New Zealand at the heart of our efforts,” Davis continued. rice field.

“Unfortunately, due to the large number of local drivers, we can’t run a New Zealand-only championship. This format gives us the opportunity to showcase our New Zealand-based talent first and foremost in 2022. Will do it. “

Despite strong interest from overseas motorsport regions such as Europe, the United States and Australia, it was more than enough to fill the grid, but the organizers had few options to run the entire series.

“Therefore, we are developing a Road to NZ Grand Prix package with a test program running for New Zealand drivers, down to the NZGP itself. Dates and locations on both the North and South Islands will be confirmed shortly,” said Davis. Says.

A few international drivers may still appear in 2022, but only for the Grand Prix itself.

“As a broader and more important note about the championship, we have created a self-separation proposal that works with the government proposal roadmap to ensure that drivers who meet the requirements for proper vaccination and COVID-19 testing have access to New Zealand. “I did,” Davis added.

“Due to the outbreak of Delta and the vaccination program, this was not reviewed and we were informed that we were not ready to start the season. It is possible that a small number of overseas drivers will be in time for the Grand Prix. Very few.

“But it’s likely to be a protocol after the 2023 Championship, and I’m confident that the best young drivers from abroad will take over the talent of young Kiwi and be much closer to the regular Castrol TRS season.”

Elton Goonan, CEO of MotorSport New Zealand, reiterated Davis’s ideas.

“A lot of work has been done behind the scenes by Motorsport New Zealand and various government agencies as they attempted to access the border in collaboration with TGRNZ and various NZ drivers to participate in motorsport events. “Gunan said.

“Although the initial decline was being reviewed, the current outbreak of COVID-19 makes all opportunities out of reach for overseas drivers coming to this summer’s race.”

“But it gives some of our upcoming and established local stars the opportunity to compete with the one-off New Zealand Grand Prix, and the” Road to the NZ Grand Prix “initiative gives their drivers themselves. Will provide you with the opportunity to prepare for the race. “

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TRS Limited to New Zealand Grand Prix in 2022

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