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Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday players at John Dearian Avenue Croquet start at 8:30 am every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at the old bowling green next to the Griffith Visitor Center. Mallets are available to anyone who wants to come with them, test their skills, make new friends, and enjoy going out. Rainy weather delays Lake Wyangan fish replenishment Due to strong winds and rain forecasts, Murray cod replenishment to Lake Wyangan has been postponed from November 26th. Shakespeare under the Stars Pioneer Park Museum hosts one of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Performed by GRAPA, the Thursday and Friday shows were rescheduled on Sunday and Monday. The door opens at 7:30 pm and the ticket is $ 30 and is available at Dirty Hearts will perform at the Coro Club on Saturday at 4 pm. The Bloom event will be on stage at 10:30 pm at the Southside League Club on Friday. Tony L will be on stage at the Sporties Club from 7pm on Saturday. Casual saxophones will be played at the Griffith Eggies Club from 8 pm on Saturday. Good Daze will use the microphone at the Southside League Club on Saturday at 8:30 pm. Mad Court will perform at the Area Hotel from 10 pm on Saturday. Then, from 2:30 pm on Sunday, Ben and Ali will be at the Southside League Club. Every week, a time-limited 5 km event begins on Saturday. Griffith Park Run begins Saturday at 8am at Ted Scoby Oval. Anyone who is a walker, jogging or runner is welcome. Admission is free. Why do you need an object? The latest exhibition at the Griffith Regional Art Gallery explores items and merchandise that are considered desirable as the festive season approaches. The exhibition will end on December 19th. Fresh food, crafts and more at the Griffith Showground The Rotary Griffith Market is open on Sundays from 7am to noon at the Griffith Showground. Food stall owners can get everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, pizza bases, fresh honey, jewelry, candles, clothes, jams, oils, saplings, plants and much more. Enrollment is by donating gold coins to the Griffith Rotary Club. Want to get and know your weekly guided event about what’s happening around Griffith? Email


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Tragedy under Shakespeare’s Starry Sky | Area News

Source link Tragedy under Shakespeare’s Starry Sky | Area News

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