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The NBA trading deadline has passed. All you have to do now is understand what you are trying to do. Deals It really means.

Some, like the Miami Heat, were kind at the last rush of business. For others … it wasn’t.

The winners and losers of the chaotic deadline are:

March 26th (Friday)

Friday, March 26

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Miami heat

This is easy.

The Miami Heat got much better and I didn’t have to give up much to do it.

After having a relationship with Victor Oladipo for several months before the trade deadline, Heat finally got their man.

Pat Riley didn’t have to give up either Duncan Robinson or Tyler Herro — two demanding trade pieces — 20 points per game as Miami aims to return to the NBA Finals. I was able to acquire a person.

Heat also leads the pack in the pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge, who landed Nemanya Bierica almost free of charge and secured an acquisition from San Antonio Spurs.

Miami worked hard for Kyle Lowry, but didn’t make a deal for veteran guards. Good news? They were second to none and stayed in Toronto at the age of 35.

Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokić has played MVP-level basketball throughout the season, but things haven’t been easy for the Nuggets, who are the fifth seed in the west.

After losing Jerami Grant’s two-way production and Torrey Craig’s elite defense in the off-season, Denver missed having a high-level piece on that edge of the floor.

And they may have found it at Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon represents a piece of the puzzle that all competing teams are trying to add to the deadline.

Don’t shout “stars” for this season’s Gordon numbers (14.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.2 assists). His versatility, at both ends, allows the nugget to take on some of the best of the West with a little more confidence.

The magical star to depart

Nikola Vucevic, Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon all left Orlando on the deadline. It’s a victory no matter how you look at it.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City’s Warchest has built up an accumulation of assets, quietly, but not at all quietly. Oklahoma City’s Warchest won two more pieces today as he won more second-round picks on a three-team deal with George. Hill heads to Philadelphia.

Sam Presti and Thunder are expected to own 34 picks (17 picks in the first round and 17 picks in the second round) in the next seven seasons. It’s ridiculous.

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball was traded once. And while he may not be enough for a long stay in New Orleans, the 23-year-old should be happy to stay in Pelican until the end of the season.

why? The ball is now a purple patch. His form was enough for New Orleans to reverse their decision to test his tradewater, and if he kept it, he would become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Enough to cash in when.

When changing teams, the ball secures a big deal and, more importantly, throws another variable to find a team where he can settle down.

Oh, and it’s awkward to trade twice before the end of the fourth season in the league.

Magic City

Lou Williams can now enjoy those wings whenever he wants.

Everyone wins.


Houston rockets

This smells so hold your nose.

Some organizations have been submerged in the miserable ocean for a long time, but for now it’s harder to find a more melancholy franchise than the Houston Rockets.

And on Friday (AEDT), the reality of the Houston hole became very clear as the deadline passed and Oladipo proceeded accordingly.

In reality, the rocket was a loser the moment James Harden pushed his way. Then they were losers when Oladipo declined the extension he offered.

But today, when Houston received Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, and two All-Star pick swaps, the Rockets became the biggest loser of all of them.

Returning to Harden’s trade, the Rockets chose Oladipo over Caris LeVert and sent it to Indiana as part of a four-team contract. They also saw Jarrett Allen land in Cleveland.

Then you remember that they chose that net package over Philadelphia’s offer, including Ben Simmons.

“You basically didn’t get anything for him [Oladipo]ESPN’s Bobby Marks said in a jump. “That is the consensus of the entire league.

“LeVert has a really good deal … and not critical of the Rockets, but there may have been a nice young player in place of the two returning from Miami.”

While Allen is looking at the goods in Cleveland, LeVert has returned from his health horror and is already doing great things in Indiana. Houston doesn’t have Harden, Oladipo, or lots of picks, but it doesn’t seem to have any plans.


Boston Celtics

Evan Fournier is a great acquisition.

But for the Boston Celtics, who seem worried at the pace of the Eastern Conference, fines alone are not enough.

Up to this point in the season, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have played as everyone expected, but the Celtics are sitting at the eighth seed, 21-23.

Boston has a $ 28.5 million trade exception after Gordon Hayward’s departure, and Fournier has scored a good score, but he hasn’t solved their problem. Aaron Gordon has been linked. So did John Collins. Both would make more sense than Fournier.

The Celtics also sent Daniel Theis out the door in exchange for Moritz Wagner, but that certainly doesn’t solve their big-name problem.

Jointly with Danny Ainge. You can sniff around in the buyout market, but you can’t help but feel that Boston hasn’t done enough to surround the two all-stars with the talent needed to challenge the top eastern dogs.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers needed help on the backcoat, and they got it. But they didn’t tell the NBA exactly.

Rajon Rondo arrives at a deal where he sees Lou Williams go out the door as the Clippers replace the score with playmaking.

The Clippers were said to be interested in Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball, but neither landed, so Rondo gave an overwhelming answer to the real question to one of the best teams in the west. I am.

Austin Rivers

He’s a simple target, but Austin Rivers has played just 21 games for the New York Knicks after signing a three-year contract this offseason before being traded to Oklahoma City.

Trading Deadlines, All Trading, Trading, Analysis, Winners and Losers, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets

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