Tinnie of the Week: EmuExport remains WA icon

Our resident beer writer (the best job in the world, right ?!) sipped everything from EmuExport to barrel-aged imperial porters.

Try this week’s bite and Simon Collins gives this week’s Tiny and his verdict on whether it’s worth breaking it with his peers.

What is the name of the beer?

Emu Export, also known as Bush Chook, Red Can,’Sport

Where are you from?

Despite being considered a WA icon, the red can in your hand is not made in this state.

And exports haven’t been brewed here for a long time. Production moved to Adelaide’s West End Brewery in 2014. When the West End was closed last year, the red threat brewing was split into Japanese-owned lion facilities in New South Wales and Queensland.

Yes, Emu Export is about as western Australia as the Rugby League, Sydney Opera House, Allan Border and the Great Barrier Reef.

However, this beer has an undeniably strong connection to the history of WA beer and was first brewed in 1954 by the Swan Brewery of the Emu Brewery. Art Deco’s industrial building was located on the corner of Spring Street and Mount Bay Road and continued until it was demolished in the second half. 1991.

The old Emu brewery still decorates export cans with the slogan “Western Australian beer”. Smart.

Camera iconEmu export. credit: supply

What’s special about it?

Emu Export said that 107-year-old Bridget “Bid” Grocke drinking cans every day is the secret to her long and healthy life, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison swung the cans at Toohey’s Brewery to snap.

Bush chock is ironically uncertain if you can drink beer, but it is a beer that is equally accepted by old chock, politicians, bogans and young hipsters.

It is best to keep the straw-colored liquid as cold as possible without freezing it. This sharp, bitter, medium-strength (4.2%) lager provides a mild malt nose and a hoppy finish.

Many beers have passed under the bridge in the 30 years since the Emu brewery was indiscriminately dismantled, but this simple, clean and crisp mass-produced lager goes against the trend and is a bottle shop refrigerator. It remains as an equipment of.

Do I need to share it?

Share blocks, but sports cans are a job for one person.

What is the damage?

Beyond Reputational Risk, EmuExport is your bargain underground beer. One red costs about $ 3.50, while a 6-pack lands for about $ 18 and returns to less than $ 60 with a block of 30 cans.


2 cans out of 5. please do not worry. It smells like beer. Next week I’ll be back to flashy.

Tinnie of the Week: EmuExport remains WA icon

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