Tim Pain, Captain of Pat Cummins and Deputy of Steve Smith’s Shakeup Test Team

Pat Cummins said the Australian test captain will look different as he plans to implement a “fluid” leadership system with Steve Smith this summer.

Before the media above The day he became Australia’s 47th test captainCummins admitted that being a fast bowler would force him to lean heavily on his deputy captain in a way that Tim Payne, Michael Clarke, and Ricky Ponting didn’t need.

Thus, Cummins urged Smith to be nominated on his behalf, but revealed that the pair formed a combination of non-traditional leadership.

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Cummins has nominated our 47th test captain | 01:37

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Cummins said instead of dominating with an iron fist, he would regularly hand over the captain’s mission to Smith while he was still on the field.

“There are a few more uncertainties about having a bowling captain, so from the beginning I think I’ve definitely decided to have someone like Steve next to me as an adjutant,” Cummins said. I told reporters.

“There are times when I’m in the middle, it’s a hot day, I’m in the middle of a spell, I have to rely on people for tactical advice, experience. That’s Steve. That’s the main reason I wanted to be a deputy captain. ”

Cummins became Australia’s first high-speed bowling test captain since 1956 after Payne resigned after being exposed to a 2017 sexting scandal with a colleague.

Cummins & Smith Full Press Conference | 32:17

The 28-year-old, who has represented Pain for many years, had limited captain experience except for the one-day cup match in New South Wales last season.

He will take a “cooperative approach” with Smith, who has played the first official leadership role in Australia since being dumped as captain after the 2018 Cape Town ball tampering scandal.

Regarding what the collaboration looks like, Cummins said:

“In the field I throw at Steve, I sometimes see Steve moving his fielders, making bowling changes, and raising the role of Deputy Captain a little more.

“That’s what I really want. That’s what I asked, and I’m really happy that Steve is happy with it. I’ll explain exactly how it works. This will be a true collaborative approach. “

Tim Payne takes an indefinite vacation | 14:42

“I’m really honored”

Smith said he was “really honored” to return to the role of official captain after spending more than three years in the leadership wilderness.

He ensured that the team’s captain’s body of water would not be disrupted by the partnership with Cummins, and said a fast bowler would eventually dominate the team.

“I’m completely guided by Patrick and everything he needs in the field,” Smith said. .. I’m there for that. ”

Cummins added: Handle it.

“A 22 degree day can look different than a 40 degree day, so handle that. I’m completely comfortable.”

Cummins praised Smith’s tactical Nous, and he told him he was “greatly leaning.”

“It may look a little different to the captains of the past, but that’s great,” he said.

The Ash Winner also said he wouldn’t teach his players how to do their job, but rather give them the freedom to carry out their duties.

Tim Pain, Captain of Pat Cummins and Deputy of Steve Smith’s Shakeup Test Team

Source link Tim Pain, Captain of Pat Cummins and Deputy of Steve Smith’s Shakeup Test Team

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