TikTok users reveal air fryer cleaning hacks | Video

Anyone who owns an air fryer understands how frustrating it is to clean. As a result, this TikTok user’s “quick and easy” hack was widespread by word of mouth.

Air fryer has become more and more popular over the last few years, especially for making healthy alternatives to your favorite diet in just a few moments.

But one thing that often frustrates users is cleaning kitchen gadgets.

One of the worst things you can do is build up grease and dirt as it makes it even more difficult to clean.

However, one woman was praised online after revealing a “genius” way to get rid of dirt without the hassle of scrubbing.

so Ticktaku It has been viewed 3.5 million times, and a British woman holding the handle of @ TanyaHomeInspo revealed that she only needed a small amount of cleaning solution and water.

“This hack is literally a genius,” she says in a clip.

She starts by pulling out the drawer and spouting dishwashing liquid over it.

Then lock the drawer back into the air fryer and add a small amount of water before heating with the timer set to 3 minutes.

“Wow! It really works,” she captioned her post.

She flushed the dirty water out of the drawer, flipped it over into the sink, and then made it look “looks new” again.

Since then, thousands have commented on her video and agreed that the hack would work after trying it out for herself.

“I just did this. It worked so well that I couldn’t believe it,” wrote one TikTok user.

“Thanks for the hint. This may be useful someday. I usually line the bottom with foil for easy cleaning,” another added.

“Oh, cleaning the air fryer is my worst job,” the third wrote.

Another woman said she was using a combo for the pot.

“Boiling water for a few minutes is easier to separate than using an endless scrub or metal scrunchie.”

However, some people find it easier to line the drawers with foil because it helps prevent dirt buildup.

Others pointed out that not all air fryer is the same, and Tanya encouraged “everyone to read their manual” before attempting a hack.

Appliances Online category expert Colin Jones can use hot water in an air fryer when cleaning with a sponge, but there is no manufacturer’s instruction to put water and detergent in the air fryer before turning it on. For cleaning.

“Each air fryer has a different sealing method, so if you put water and detergent in the air fryer and turn it on, the internal fan may push water into the rest of the appliance, affecting performance, depending on the sealing method. There is. Forward. “

He said the manufacturer generally advises that the easiest way to clean the inside of an air fryer is to use hot water and a non-abrasive sponge.

“Alternatively, some air fryer can put accessories in the dishwasher, but please refer to the manual for the best cleaning method and results.”

He said the idea of ​​an air fryer was to reduce the amount of fat and oil and collect a small amount of oil from the bottom. “So it should be easy to clean.”

Initially published as follows TikTok users reveal air fryer cleaning hacks

TikTok users reveal air fryer cleaning hacks | Video

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