TikTok users puzzled by Savage X Fenty’s “open back” leggings | Photos

After a shopper pointed out the details of his eyebrows and asked for an answer, a pair of leggings spread by word of mouth on TikTok.

If you think you’ve seen them all, you’ll find very unique tights with an eyebrow design.

The image of purple leggings appeared on social media after shoppers were very confused by the details of their loot. She had to share it. Ticktaku..

The woman holding the handle of @fathermarge has recorded over 3.2 million views. videoShows the “playful surprise” of leggings.

“We need an answer,” her caption reads.

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Soft mesh tights feature a cruciform cross design that exposes the back, and the racy look has received a lot of attention online.

“OK, so I was in Fabletics to see their moon outfits because I had the credits to use,” the shopper now started her viral video.

“Hmm … can someone at Fabletics tell me what this is? Things are getting a little weird.”

Shoppers say leggings belong to Fabletics, an activewear brand co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, but many who work for the brand quickly pointed out that it really belongs. Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Range..

The website explains that the $ 68.50 item is perfect for a “cozy night.”

“Our soft-mesh open-back crotchless leggings feature a thin soft-mesh fabric that provides a comfortable fit and an open strap back for playful surprises,” said the product description.

And what made TikTok users ask “why” is the “playful” feature of tights.

“This can’t be real,” said one woman.

“Crackle avage” was added by another, and the third said, “Oh, hell.”

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Others couldn’t believe the unique design at all.

“Maybe I thought it was retrograde, but I realized that it didn’t work with LMAO,” commented one TikTok user.

But for some, the controversial item wasn’t too bad.

“I don’t need it,” wrote one woman.

“I like it LOL,” added a second person.

The mesh leggings also come with matching underwear featuring the same cruciform cross design on the back.

“It’s clear that these aren’t the types of leggings you wear in grocery stores, but as they’re sexy and different around the house or to sleep? These are unique, flattering, and really pretty!” Woman wrote in the review section of the website.

“I love the back details and the crotchless design. You can wear panties underneath or go to the commando. Both are comfortable options.”

TikTok users puzzled by Savage X Fenty’s “open back” leggings | Photos

Source link TikTok users puzzled by Savage X Fenty’s “open back” leggings | Photos

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