TikTok Hospice Nurse reveals what people say before they die

A woman who has been working as a hospice nurse for nearly 20 years has revealed the most common things people say just before she dies.

Hospice nurses revealed what most people say before they die when talking about how to end our lives.

Julie, a registered nurse in Los Angeles, California, has been working in hospice for about five years.

The nurse has used her expertise and knowledge to educate her 372,400 people Ticktaku Believers about death, Sun report.

And her heartwarming comments and her love for work want to know what to expect when her video becomes viral and people die.

She states: “I love educating patients and their families about what they expect from hospice and what they expect from a particular dying illness.

“I also really like to give some comfort to patients and their families, knowing that we are there to manage their symptoms.

“I worked as a hospice nurse for about 5 years, but before that I worked as an ICU nurse for 9 years, so I’ve been doing this kind of work for 14 years.”

Julie, who shares insights into her work and answers burning questions that everyone wants to know about hospice on her TikTok channel, said her purpose was to educate others.

She recently posted a video about what’s normal that happens to most people at the end of life — it looks unusual, but it’s really normal.

Julie explained that breathing changes, skin color changes, end-stage secretions, and fever are all normal stages, to name just a few.

She states: “The best part of my job is to educate patients and their families about death and death, and to support them emotionally and physically.

“Also, helping them understand what to expect is another part of my job as a hospice nurse.

“Most people have something to say before they die, which is usually” I love you “or usually calls on a mother or father who is already dead. ”

Julie said it’s hard to explain what happens when a person dies — in general — because everyone is different.

But at the end of life, if someone dies naturally in hospice care, most people will show the same signs and symptoms.

This is called the actively dying stage.

Julie explains: “Actively dying symptoms include changes in consciousness (unconsciousness), changes in breathing, mottles, and end secretions.”

“These are normal and there is no pain or discomfort.”

“Our body takes care of ourselves at the end of life. The less intervention, the better.”

There are some general assumptions people make about hospice, but Julie explained that they are not true.

She said it was “not true” that everyone in the hospice would die soon. Nor is it true that morphine causes people to die sooner.

Julie added: Another thing that isn’t entirely true is that hospice kills people. “

Six months ago, Julie decided to share her knowledge of death and death on social media. And she said she couldn’t believe how quickly she became viral.

And the reaction was incredible. She regularly shares informative videos that answer people’s fiery questions about death, dying, and hospice events.

She states: “I knew that most people have a lot of interesting information about death and death that most people don’t know. I want to normalize death by educating people about it. I’m home. I went back to visit my family. Tween’s niece was making a dance video on TikTok. “

“I later went to TikTok to see their dance. This gave me the idea of ​​starting my own TikTok about death and death, four days later I did it, and It took off. “

“I’ve been doing this for 6 months and have over 340,000 followers. It’s crazy!”

This article was originally published Sun Reproduced here with permission

Initially published as follows Hospice nurses reveal what most people say before they die, and what happens when they die

TikTok Hospice Nurse reveals what people say before they die

Source link TikTok Hospice Nurse reveals what people say before they die

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