Tigers are “sad” for Kotchin, but Bolton is “a maker of differences”

The Tigers dragged 25 points in the middle of the second semester, but at some point when they had the advantage of 16-0 within their 50s, in the fascinating third semester, the dogs went between 20 minutes and 50 I couldn’t.

Key forward Tom Lynch made a modest start to the questioned season throughout the week, but started all three goals after halftime, scoring halftime from 0.5.

“After all, he knows he wants to kick the goal. That’s what he does. Sometimes you’re going to kick some from the side,” Hardwick said. Told.

“As far as we are concerned, the result of the goal shot was secondary. What we were really happy with was his competitiveness in the contest and the ball on the ground for our smalls. It was to drop it. “

Shy Bolton was blessed after the Images

Veteran forward Jackley Vault was a threat all night, but Shybolton canceled the deal and talks between the club and manager Ralph Lawrence began later in the season, offering a drive and three goals half-time later. .. Hardwick said he relied on Bolton to play like Dustin Martin.

“Shy is an important player for us. We know that we can get more rewards somewhere, but we are making a sacrifice to stay,” Hardwick said. It was.


“It’s always great to win a young, experienced non-income win, but the situation enjoys freeing up good players. It’s an opportunity to see players in different roles. Give.

“Shy Bolton played a role similar to what I thought would make a difference, so it was really exciting to see. He had a great year, and such A talented player, and just getting better because he’s on the move. Liam Baker also played another role. Once again, one of our great players, Marlion Pickett. I thought it was really exciting to get inside. We haven’t seen it either. We won the game but we also knew a few things about our side. It’s really exciting for us. “

Veteran defender Baycher Furi, who was late for the season, dominated halfback and best-afield with the disposition of 31 people, including six in his 50s.

Victory came with a superstar Martin was unavailable due to a concussion and visited his father in New Zealand But he will be back on Friday night’s blockbuster against Geelong.

According to Hardwick, his debut, Richard Dawkins, was “really good” and impressed with the “important” center bounce.

“He only gets better because of his experience,” Hardwick said.

This victory, which defeated only six sides of Carlton, St. Kirda and Hawthorne this season, should improve the Tigers to 4-3 and brighten the season.

Bulldogs coach Luke Barbarridge said his team was “overwhelmed” by their opponents and lamented that there were only 14 players in their 50s after half-time.

“It’s a shame, but we dust ourselves and remove the positives from the previous part,” he said.

“They probably found another gear that we couldn’t find at all. There were some looks that couldn’t be utilized. There was life there, but it was erased really quickly.

“It was no surprise that they (Richmond) were able to find the gear.”

The dogs’ motives, including Jackson Macrae, Tom Liberatore, and Adam Treloir, were great early on, but couldn’t match the rage of the Tigers after the main break. The Tigers tackle was characteristic and played an important role in keeping the dogs running and carrying.

Marcus Bontemperi was usually diligent, whether on the ball or sent to the half-forward, but missed a simple set shot at the tip of half-time.

Tigers are “sad” for Kotchin, but Bolton is “a maker of differences”

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