Ticket Voting for World Surf League Newcastle Cup to be released on Monday | Newcastle Herald

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Novocastrians wishing to participate in the Newcastle Cup will need to win a ticket in a vote on Monday, but admission to the city’s first top-class world surfing event since 1990 is free. In an exclusive Q & A announced in Newcastle Herald today, Andrew Stark, general manager of the World Surf League’s Asia Pacific region, said the event has a capacity of 3000 people under the state’s COVID-19. Given that, voting is the “fairest way” to assign tickets. “We are affiliated with Ticketek and tickets will be distributed randomly. Fans can participate in the vote and book tickets from 10am on Monday, March 22nd,” he said. “Then the vote ends on the 29th. Limited to 4 tickets per person per day.” I hope there are 20,000 to 30,000 people on the beach, but unfortunately because of COVID. The Newcastle Cup is scheduled to start on April 1st, but may not end depending on whether the contest is delayed to wait for the right conditions. Until April 11th. Tickets can be registered for any or all of the 11 days. The contest only runs for about 5-6 days, but if conditions are not met, weekdays are possible in the 11-day window. Tickets said Stark said the event would look and feel “quite different from Surfaced” with fences set up around the Meleweather Beach area. “Government as part of a permit from the council and NSW, we will have to fence the venue,” he said. Said. “We need to limit the number of visitors, so we need to put in place the infrastructure to do that.” We need to block the fence because we can’t see the people gathering around the venue. Through the fence. It causes COVID problems. “We have to follow all the guidelines we need … and the event will look different from the surface in that respect.” It’s not a choice. Thousands of fans want to be on the beach, but that’s not the world we live in. “Audiences will spread along the sandy beaches and beach promenades,” Stark said, and advised ticket owners to “bring a beach chair.” Seating space is on a first-come, first-served basis. Why does WSL need a free ticket to enjoy these events? The COVID-19 regulation limits capacity for upcoming Australian events. This is to ensure the safety of athletes. , Staff, local communities, we keep the size of the crowd within the New South Wales government’s limit of 3,000 people. Tickets can be booked online for free. Can surf fans book free tickets? Free tickets can be booked from Ticketek. The website will start at 10am AEDT on Monday, March 22nd. You need to book a free ticket for a particular day in the event window. Fans can book up to 4 free tickets per person. Unbooked tickets can be released at any time. The night before, so keep an eye on Ticketek’s website. How are free tickets distributed? Due to the high demand for free tickets, WSL has partnered with Ticketek for a ticket voting system. This voting system uses Ticketek’s computer-generated algorithms to randomly distribute free tickets. Is the ticket owner free to approach competitors for signatures and photos? To comply with the New South Wales Social Distance Protocol, fans will not be able to approach the competitors during the event and will only be allowed access to the general admission area. Can local recreation surfers access the venue when the competition is off? Surfers have free access to the surf on non-competition days. On competition days, the venue will be closed at 5:30 am on AEDT. Surfers who come to the gate with their board are allowed access to the water before they start surfing. When the competition begins, surfers are advised to surf outside the boundaries of the event. Surfers will not be able to stay and watch the event without it. Can I leave and come back during the day with my ticket? Okay. When you leave the venue, you need to scan your ticket at the main gate. If you leave the venue without scanning out, you will not be able to re-enter. What if the day I booked the ticket eventually became a non-competition obligation? There is no guarantee that the tournament will be held on the day of the ticket. If the day of the ticket falls on the non-competition day, another ticket will not be issued, but you can book another day’s ticket on the Ticketek website. What if I can’t attend the event until 11:00 am local time? Surfing is scheduled to begin daily at 7:00 AM AEDT. Due to high demand and limited spectators, all unused tickets may expire at 11:00 AM AEDT. These tickets will be released on the Ticketek website for fans to book. What if I don’t receive a free ticket in the voting system? If you fail to vote and do not receive your free ticket, you will be notified by email. Unbilled free tickets will be re-released on Tuesday, March 30th at 10am AEDT. Can I bring my child for free without having a ticket? No. Due to the strict capacity limits specified by the Government of New South Wales, WSL will not be able to accept anyone who does not have a valid ticket. Are seats assigned to free tickets? No. Seats are on the sand on a first-come, first-served basis. All participating fans should stay seated in the venue as there are spaces on the beach where they can be safely and socially distanced. Can I bring picnic rugs and camping chairs to the venue? Okay. It is advisable to bring a picnic rug and low camp chairs to maximize the viewing experience. You must be sitting inside the event venue just in case. I have other questions, who can I ask? If you have any questions about free tickets, please email us at ticketing @



Ticket Voting for World Surf League Newcastle Cup to be released on Monday | Newcastle Herald

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