Three ASX stocks for beginners in 2022

2022 may be a good time to start investing in ASX stocks for beginners. The ASX stock market has fallen sharply, so there are many opportunities.

In the long run, I think ASX strains can produce good results. However, stocks can see some great volatility in the short term. I see this as a way to accelerate revenue – buy cheap, sell high, right?

With that in mind, I think these three options are high quality options in the long run.

BetaShares Global Sustainability Leader ETF (ASX: ETHI)

Ann Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) A great way to invest in a basket of stocks with a single investment. It can offer a lot of diversification.

However, ETFs can buy businesses that no one wants to own, such as fossil fuel businesses, gambling, and tobacco. The BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF eliminates all of these “unethical” sectors. ETHI ETFs also ensure that there is board diversity (such as ensuring that it’s not just a male-dominated board), there are no supply chain concerns, and businesses aren’t destroying their habitat.

These companies have been selected for this ASX stock from the global stock market and have 200 companies in their portfolio. In my opinion, it’s a really good diversification.

Our portfolio includes Nvidia, Apple, Visa, Home Depot, MasterCard, Toyota, Cisco Systems, ASML and Adobe.

Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited (ASX: FGG)

this is Listed Investment Company (LIC) ASX Share, which also provides access to the global portfolio of businesses.

But instead of investing directly in these companies, FutureGenerationGlobal Funding Focusing on global share. These funds are run by some of Australia’s most internationally focused fund managers. However, because these fund managers work for free, Future Generation Global can donate 1% of its net worth to youth mental health charities each year.

I think Future Generation Global shows good value. It is a solid dividend payer and supports many major purposes. The underlying diversification also seems really good. This is a solid choice for beginners investing in ASX stocks.

Brickworks Limited (ASX: BKW)

Australians are crazy about property, aren’t they? Now, this business could be a way to profit from it while offering diversification.

Brickworks manufactures a number of products for the Australian construction and refurbishment industry, including clay bricks and pavements, stones and stones, roofs, specialty building systems, precasts, cement and timber batten.

It also has a presence in the United States. After making several acquisitions, it is one of the largest brick makers in the United States.

There are two other segments that are even more compelling to me.

It owns a significant portion of the investor Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited ((((ASX: SOLIt owns a diverse portfolio across various sectors including telecommunications, resources, agriculture, financial services, building products and more. This will improve Brickworks dividends and asset value.

I’m excited about that too Trust in industrial property Own 50% of Goodman Group ((((ASX: GMG). I think it’s a great strategy with ASX share. This is where high quality industrial property is built on land that Brickworks no longer needs. What is Industrial Property? Now, the distribution warehouse is a major example.

The Industrial Property Trust has completed a huge Amazon warehouse in Sydney.It’s building another big one Coles Group Co., Ltd. ((((ASX: COL). There are many other properties that have already been completed and planned. It adds value to Brickworks and builds a flow of rental income.

Three ASX stocks for beginners in 2022

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