This Week: Things to consider when buying a puppy for toddlers

There are many factors to consider before introducing a furry friend to your family, especially when your child is still young.

Dr. Magdoline Awad, Chief Veterinary Officer at Greencross The Pet Company and SMARTdaily’s weekly pet columnist, explains.

Family expansion

My wife and I were thinking of having a dog, but we still don’t know if it’s the right time. We have two children, two and four years old, and I think they love one. How old should children be to introduce a puppy? We are not keen on older dogs. Which variety do you recommend? There is a house with a garden, and there is also time for a walk. – Zack

There are no strict rules, but there are some things to consider when considering new members of the family.

Camera iconExpect to take most of the responsibility for caring for your pet until your child is old enough to help. iStock credit: istock

It is well known that pets are good for our health. They can provide companionship and be a source of emotional support for children with developmental disabilities – and children who grow up with pets are less allergic.

However, keeping a pet is a big responsibility. Your child may be able to learn to help, but until they are much older, the responsibility really lies with you.

For this reason, some people choose to wait until their child is old before having a new pet.

When it comes to dog age, it’s true that buying a puppy is likely to increase the intimacy of your bond, but keep in mind that it can be like giving birth to another baby. ..

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Camera iconCavalier King Charles Spaniel requires less exercise than Border Collie. iStock credit: istock

Especially in the early stages, a lot of training is required. Dogs that are still young but past the puppy stage may be a good option.

They still have a way to find a special place in our minds, regardless of age.

It is important to know the cost of keeping a dog. The budget should cover routine parasite prevention, nutrition, grooming and veterinary health care.

If you are not planning to take your dog with you on holidays, consider the cost of boarding. It’s also a good idea to research pet insurance options.

Happy kids play with family pets-Labrador puppies
Camera iconGolden retrievers are well known for being great with their kids. iStock credit: istock

If you consider all of the above and are still keen on new dogs, it’s time to think about breeds. Consider your activity level, your lifestyle and the time available.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel requires less exercise than Border Collie. Remember that daily walks are great for both you and your pet.

Dogs such as the Golden Retriever are well known for being perfect for children.

However, a breed with the right temperament and training can be a good companion.

Importantly, when buying a puppy, you should always check the environment in which the dog was raised and the behavior of your parents.

Smart new VET columnist
Camera iconSMART daily veterinary columnist Dr Magdoline Awad.Toby Zerna credit: News Corp Australia

Hybrids are an attractive option, and recruiting pets from shelters can also be rewarding. All children, regardless of breed, should be taught to respect pet boundaries to avoid accidents.

Adult supervision is always the key. Hygiene habits are also an important learning area for children.

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This Week: Things to consider when buying a puppy for toddlers

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