This was for the devilish red and blue followers in Melbourne

In the daily struggles of these times, we may strive-a lie? -Everyone is together. But sports classify us as winners and losers. That is the point.

Ron Luther

Captain who won the championship on Monday after the 1964 Grand Final Ron Barassi In his own column he wrote: “It’s a shame that the two teams didn’t win the Grand Final on a very special occasion. Saturday was one such opportunity, and if the team deserved to win, it was Collingwood. They were a proud team and a team I was proud of playing. “

At that time, Barashi could afford to be generous. The devil has won six flags in 10 years. That night it was all about Melbourne and its rejuvenation. Barashi would have been proud to play with this team in this Grand Final. Symbolically he did. Bailey Fritsch, wearing Barashi Saint No. 31, kicked six goals, including a third-quarter pair, which changed the match from the third to the last.

They were the first two of the twelve runs for the devil. In total, they kicked 16 goals in one to bring the curtain down on this finale... In the end, the Grand Final won the parade. It was the last quarter.

It came without warning. Melbourne and Petracca dominated the first quarter, and Dogs and Bontemperi dominated the second quarter. In the 12th minute of the third quarter, Bontemperi’s goal extended the dog’s lead to 19 points. At that time, all the ghosts in Melbourne were barking.

But this wasn’t a creepy team. The only applicable history was this season. Deeds faced and did every challenge. Cadel Evans would not have been able to catch him when Petracca rode his bike again.

In Perth, it was all Melbourne. In Melbourne, it may have been the Nullarbor Plain for the second year in a row. Since the Grand Final was at night, the streets were empty and silent, even more empty during the day and deadly quiet.

Max Gown celebrates with loyal people in Melbourne after the Devil's Grand Final victory in Perth.

Max Gown celebrates with loyal people in Melbourne after the Devil’s Grand Final victory in photo

There was a stock of Grand Final Fever, but like a virus, it didn’t look. Most fans just watch the Grand Final on TV anyway, but the absence of the Grand Final between us was a sinkhole-like gap. Come to think of it, why didn’t you have one of them this week?

The Grand Final captured the zeitgeist in that it was a confusing opportunity. A week after the left was right and the right was left, it was the devil’s own job to choose the side. Or, when that happens, the devil’s. Even the tectonic plates suddenly decided to shift this week. Unless it was too grumpy to say that, we all needed some positive jab. This was a shot.

The Grand Final itself was on the other side of the country. This means no discomfort for Perth, who has done a great job of hosting and staging.


But last year, removing the finale across the two state borders was strange enough. Now the two state borders and the two time zones are separated. The big country felt bigger than ever. Perhaps that was Melbourne’s secret and a timeless journey. 57 years have disappeared just by pressing a switch.

Last night, both sides would have been keenly aware of the tyranny of distance. There is no better place to celebrate the Premiership than your own. And if you lose, it’s the only place in yourself. Now there was a continent in between.

In 1964, Melbourne rejoiced with fans at the bar on the ground floor of the MCG member stand, and players walked the honorary rap at the bar. They also sang a parody of Collingwood’s theme song until Barashi jumped into the bar and stopped it, instead claiming a round of real Collingwood songs.

Elegance is a timeless quality. At the last siren on Saturday night, Ghosn immediately went to his opposite number, Bontemperi. He also mentioned a Melbourne player who missed the day, and other players who fell, died, or were cruelly treated in life on the roadside. This was one team’s premiereship in a year, but Gawn confirmed that it was everything.

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This was for the devilish red and blue followers in Melbourne

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