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The Worst Person in the World Review – Scandinavian Romantic Comedy is an Instant Classic | Cannes 2021

Joachim Trier is a Norwegian director who gave me a psychokinetic thriller. Therma (2017) And a challenging drug addiction drama Oslo, August 31 (2011). He worked with longtime screenwriter Eskil Vogt to make the audience uncomfortable, shocking, and found that they weren’t here for easy riding.

So, at the beginning of this festival, his new competition film is a comedy of a gentle relationship with a touch of Nora Ephron and David Nichols, as well as great freshness, and tells me that it will suffocate secretly. If I was saying, I would sneak a look left and right to make sure no one was seeing me sniffing … well, I wouldn’t believe you.

But that’s what happened. Trier took one of the most difficult genres to imagine, a romantic drama, and combined it with another very tricky style, an up-and-coming style, to create something gorgeous, sweet and charming.It’s a kind of nonLake progress, Or innocent progress, was undertaken by Julia, a heroine in her twenties, in chapter thirteen.

Photo: Photo of Oslo

Renate Reinsve is the actor in this role, she takes off like a rocket and deserves a star position with a very mature, sensitive and compassionate performance comparable to Lily James and Alicia Vikander. ..

And what is the title? Certainly that doesn’t apply to Julie herself. She certainly abandoned the two men in the middle of the movie, flirt and lie to the second, but we don’t think of her as anything other than a vulnerable and flawed person for a while. Like everyone else in her twenties, she fears the terrible irreversibility of life choices.

Perhaps the title applies to her formidable second boyfriend, a brilliant and proud cartoonist called Axel (played by Trier regular Anders Daniel Senry), who is actively known for his sexual graphic novel series. R crumb A style that immediately gets him into trouble with a new generation of feminists.

Julie begins with a cheerful uncertainties about what she wants to do in her life. She is a medical student at first, but then tells her long-suffering mother that she wants to change her course to psychology, declares her mind more interesting than her body, and she decides to join. Photo. She begins a relationship with a gorgeous young man, she begins to snort in the middle of a photo shoot with spectacular professionalism, and leaves him at a fascinating accelerator party smoldering.

The worst person in the world.
Photo: Photo of Oslo

However, as she progressed into her twenties, she realized that Axel was becoming more and more famous while still working in a bookstore, and her photo was a vague idea of ​​Carrie Bradshaw-type journalism and confession fiction. Abandoned for Things are at stake when she leaves Axel’s latest launch party early and meets a man called Avind (Herbert Nordrum), who also works at the store. Did she apparently find a level of life from the bottom of her heart?

There are two sensational set pieces. The whole world goes into a freeze frame when one finally tells her to leave the accelerator with courage, and while she runs through the streets of Oslo to find Avind and kiss him. The second is when she takes the hut with Eivind and his friends. This is the absolute short-upper of the drug hallucinatory dream sequence, where Julie finally confronts her deadbeat estranged dad.

This movie is arguably the traditional but very realistic way, sweet, gentle and entertaining. It’s a terrible movie like we all saw, so it’s an unexpected pleasure to see it work and realize that the theme is very important: who do you fall in love with? ?? Who is it? When do you find yourself calm? Reinsve’s performance is very good. The birth of a star.

The Worst Person in the World Review – Scandinavian Romantic Comedy is an Instant Classic | Cannes 2021

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