The woman laments that she is “too cute” to make friends

The “significant privilege” claim of this TikTok star says her lifelong quest to find a real best friend has been overturned by her appearance.

A woman who is having a hard time making friends because of her good looks is now open.

Ariana, a TikTok user, has revealed that she is desperate to find her best friend, but her “significant privilege” is always in the way, Sun Report.

Ariana admits that she fully expects to be “attacked” by talking about the shortcomings of good looking.

Regarding her video, she said: “Obviously, a great deal of privilege is what we know. There are many pros and cons, but there is also the downside that no one speaks.”

“I don’t have many girlfriends. That’s something I’ve been struggling with for a long time and I never really understand why.

“Girls always say,” Oh, I love you so much, you’re so gorgeous, we’re going to hang out, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it. ” Now, the time has come and I’ve always been left behind and told a poor story behind me.

“I’m always very kind and genuine, so it never makes sense.

“Honestly, I’m completely convinced that it has nothing to do with my personality.”

Ariana went home every weekend because she had no friends when she was in college and explained to her mother how to cry.

After all, her mom explained that the reason people didn’t want to be friends with her was “people don’t want to be the most beautiful people in the room” and she “suggests people”.

She continued. “That’s not what I’m thinking. B **** es are all pretty. I love women.

“I literally cry once a month about how ugly I feel.”

Ariana eventually found a group of men who were her closest friends, but explained that she was still looking for a female best friend.

“We’re tired of the women who think everyone is in the competition. We’re all beautiful. Can we all be friends?” Ariana said.

“People always think that pretty people have all their friends and just live them, but in reality we are just lonely people.”

She spoke directly to the camera and added:

“I just want my best friend soulmate, I go through hell for you and you-where are you?”

Since then, her video has been viewed more than 2.7 million times, admitting that many other women have had similar experiences.

One person wrote: my. God. I thought it was just me. “

“This is literally the way I feel,” another person added, and the third wrote, “She’s right, say bigger.”

However, some disagreed, arguing that there must be other reasons why she is having a hard time making friends.

One comment: “I’m denying other factors that prevent you from making girlfriends. There are many pretty girls who haven’t experienced this.”

This post originally appeared Sun Reissued with full permission

at first The woman laments that she is “too cute” to make friends

The woman laments that she is “too cute” to make friends

Source link The woman laments that she is “too cute” to make friends

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