The woman behind the hunter blockade was fined $ 8,000 | Newcastle Herald

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A 21-year-old boy was convicted and fined $ 4,000 for breaking the blockade in Sydney, having a party in Newcastle, and causing a one-month blockade in the New South Wales region. Sulafa Ageeb Ageeb, 21, was COVID-19 positive after a few days of shopping and parties in Newcastle in late July. A significant number of COVID-19 infected individuals in the Hunter area appear to be directly related to the movement of Ageeb and her friend Rooty Hill’s female Josephine Lado, police said in a court document accepted by the female. The infection blocked Newcastle and its surrounding communities, which are home to 650,000 people, for a month. “The outcome of your actions was very important,” Hornsby’s Justice of the Peace Robin Dénes said Wednesday. “Many people think,’Nothing happens, you’re not caught.'” You (caught)-and that actually caused a serious problem for Newcastle. “Judge Ageeb corrected Ageeb to the community. He was considering placing it in an order and requiring good behavior and other conditions for a period of time. Justice of the peace convicted Rad of $ 4,000 and fined him for a relatively similar crime. The court said that “some” additional fines were imposed on the way the case was portrayed. A young woman who now lives in Parramatta with a friend was scheduled to start a full-time insurance job next week, her lawyer said. Both complained early on that they did not comply with the COVID-19 health order and did not comply with the COVID check-in requirements. Each was unable to check in at the numerous venues visited with two friends, including Nail. A salon in Newcastle’s largest shopping complex. They also went to a shortland house party on July 29th. When police warned the party around 1:45 am on July 30, they found a “many” people hitting a parked car and pretending to be sleeping in the backseat. I found. According to police, the pair has made a “calculated collaborative effort” to check in and change address data for the Service NSW app. Ordered to go home and told to expect a $ 1000 fine by mail, Ageeb and Lado instead stayed in Newcastle overnight. The first was a large party at Blacksmiths Beach on Lake Macquarie, then returned to the Shortland home for another party. According to police, “many” other parties attended. They got on the train on July 31st and went home. A positive female-related incident was discovered in the area on August 5, and was immediately closed. Ageeb declined to comment outside the courtroom.


The woman behind the hunter blockade was fined $ 8,000 | Newcastle Herald

Source link The woman behind the hunter blockade was fined $ 8,000 | Newcastle Herald

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