The Truth Behind Britney Spears 55 Hours Marriage With Jason Alexander

A short 2004 marriage with Britney’s childhood friend made her laugh – now it’s clear that everything could have gone in a very different direction.

Britney Spears’ mother, Lynn, forced the singer to cancel her 55-hour marriage with her childhood friend Jason Alexander, divorce lawyer Mark Goldberg claims.

Both of the currently retired lawyers who advised Alexander toxicity Both the singer and Alexander wanted to invalidate the marriage, but were forced to do so by Lynn Spears and Britney’s management.

“It was that the mother interfered with her daughter’s life and inserted herself,” Goldberg said. Include Daily mail.. “She came to Las Vegas, abandoned Jason, and brought him a plane ticket home.”

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Goldberg says the morning after the wedding, a young couple called Lynn Spears “all hell has been unleashed.”

In January 2004, Spears married Alexander at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Fifty-five hours later, a petition stating that the performer “did not understand her behavior” slightly invalidated the vow. The pair is now 39 years old and grew up together in a small town in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Goldberg says Alexander contacted him after the abolition for legal assistance.

“Jason was looking for advice,” Goldberg recalled. “He was very emotional and upset.

“Britney called on him to come to Las Vegas. As I remember, she was there with a friend, and she paid his airfare to come.

“As I remember, it was Britney’s idea to get married. He said they weren’t drinking or taking drugs, or at least not getting drunk.”

Goldberg repeatedly asked Alexander if either was incapacitated by alcohol or drugs, but said, “He apparently they weren’t … they really loved each other.” Told.

“Jason was confused because he loved Britney and didn’t want to hurt her, but he was very afraid of her mother and management,” he continued.

“This wasn’t the stranger she just picked up. They knew each other for years. He played the game and did what they asked for, and she came and I thought he and Britney would be together. “

Goldberg said: “I really believe that this particular event had a negative impact on Britney Spears’ life.

Alexander’s version of what happened is very similar to Goldberg’s account.

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He recently appeared Toxic: Britney Spears Story In the podcast, he was open about a rush marriage, claiming he was deceived and signed abandonment.

“They told me if I would sign the contract, that is, if I broke it. If they let me and Britney continue our relationship and feel the same in 6 months, it’s appropriate. I’m going to get married, “Alexander recalled.

“So I had no reason to believe anything else. I thought it was true. They were still allowing Britney and I to communicate over the phone.”

“So we were talking every day, and I still believed in what I was told,” he continued. “They let us keep talking, so if we feel the same, we’ll have this marriage in the future.”

But Alexander says that just a month after signing the abolition, Spears’ phones mysteriously stopped working.

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“Literally, the day after thirty days passed, I remember trying to call Britney’s number. It was like’beep, beep, beep’,” he said. “I’F ** k, they got me! Motherfers!” That’s it. “

Seven months later, Spears married dancer Kevin Federline. Before Spears filed for divorce in 2006, the couple had two sons, Sean (15) and Jayden (14).

Britney has been in a protracted court battle with her father over his power of attorney, which she claims to be “abuse.” Britney has hired a new lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, to help end the power of attorney.

Lynn Spears’ lawyer did not respond to comments.

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The Truth Behind Britney Spears 55 Hours Marriage With Jason Alexander

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