The strictest anti-biker law in the country planned in Western Australia

Police have released a shocking vision of bikers assaulting people in a series of disturbing events, such as igniting a man or beating another on the street.

The Western Australian Government has moved this week to submit to Congress a bill banning outlaw motorcycle gang members from wearing patches and dating each other in public.

The law gives police unprecedented power to disrupt and limit organized crime, and as a result, Western Australia has the strictest anti-consorting regime in the country.

In a video footage, police said a suspicious biker prospect was seduced by real estate after the family was threatened, giving him four options.

Police said the man chose to light the fire with a vision of him running around and rolling as he tried to extinguish the fire.

Camera iconThe video shows a man of fire.Still from the video provided by WA Police credit: supply

Another scary clip shows an unprotected man being repeatedly beaten and kicked in the head.

The confronting editorial video also shows the pub brawl and someone being beaten up in the park.

Under the bill, police could issue illegal consorting notices, which would prohibit criminals from dating other people listed in the notice for three years.

If there are two or more violations, the offender will face up to five years’ imprisonment.

Forty-six groups have been identified across Australia and the insignia cannot be displayed.

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Camera iconFinks bikie @stenly_finks_ shows off some of his tattoos on social media.Instagram credit: supply

Police can issue notices requesting the removal or change of the insignia, and officers also have the authority to remove or change the insignia if a person fails to comply.

The dissolution notice system will also provide police power to disrupt and limit consorting between members of publicly identified organizations.

This prohibits seven days of association with the person listed in the notice and imposes 12 months’ imprisonment and a $ 12,000 fine for violations.

Police have additional authority under the proposed new law.Photo: Provided by WA Police
Camera iconPolice have additional authority under the proposed new law. Supplied by WA police credit: supply

“These laws represent the most difficult and most comprehensive reforms to combat organized crime in all Australian states and territories,” said John Quigley.

“Forty-six organizations, including outlaw motorcycle gangs from across Australia, related gangs or” feeder clubs “and street gangs, have been captured and explicitly named by law as part of a new banned insignia breach. rice field.

“These organizations and their patches are designed to show a criminal relationship and threaten others, including citizens who comply with the laws of the community.

“Once these laws come into force, this will end.

“This series of reforms has made Western Australia the least attractive jurisdiction for criminals and criminal organizations to operate or expand their criminal activity.”

Quigley suggested that bikers with facial tattoos may have to put on makeup to hide the insignia.

The strictest anti-biker law in the country planned in Western Australia

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