The slimy world of Lizard Tamer and Snake Specialist Elizabeth Randall

“I was telling Grandpa that I really wanted a reptile exposition and that I needed someone to do it,” she says. Would you like to see it?”

So she sourced space from venue operators and negotiated permits with the government. When her vendor booked her first venue within a week of her, she upgraded to the Morayfield Sports and Events Center. The expo will be held on both days this weekend.

The most exciting thing for her about getting a backyard pool was the fresh holes for carving dinosaur bones.

These days, she kits Daisy and Cyprus in special lizard harnesses and takes them on short lawn walks, much to the delight of the neighborhood kids.

Pythons also don’t care where they sunbathe in a monitored garden.

“People drive past and you can slow down and see what happens,” she says.

Carpet Python’s Campbell

Not just reptiles. When Bloom’s girlfriend was 12, Elizabeth greeted tourists from cruise ships and she charged $3 to have their picture taken with a macaw named Baby Her Girl. She made her $120 on her first day.

Terry traces Elizabeth’s obsession with animals to a specific moment. She’s Elizabeth, she’s about five years old, and one day she came home with a little stuffed macaw.

When he feels supportive, Cyprus allows Elizabeth to take him for a short walk around the neighborhood. credit:Glen Campbell

“He spoke in seconds, I spoke in seconds. Everything changed,” he says. “I couldn’t stop her from talking about animals. Her love of bushes and animals became ‘this is my life’.”

The Brisbane Reptile Expo will take place on 1st and 2nd April at the Morayfield Sports and Events Centre. Doors open at 10am and close at 3pm on both days. Free admission for children under 10 years old. Adult: $10. Children 10-15 years old: $5 The slimy world of Lizard Tamer and Snake Specialist Elizabeth Randall

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