The sinking of Martinsville residents worried about local bridges | Newcastle Herald

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You could cross a stream in a quiet and beautiful valley near Martinsville, but residents who rely on the Pointers Road bridge say it’s a potential death trap that needs urgent repair. “It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” Maggie Kent said. Maggie and Birkent use a bridge to reach their property on the eastern side of Gap Creek. But they feel it is a dangerous journey to and from home. The couple pointed out broken railings, loose decks and rot, and erosion of the embankment caused the bridge to tilt to one side and sink. “From my point of view, it’s scary,” said Bill Kent, the captain of the retired ship. Business, Ridgeview Riding is across the stream from Kent’s property. Business owner Regina Hackle said she warned riders not to use the bridge. “They can run through here and cause a fatal accident,” she said, pointing at the damaged board in the deck. “And the bike rider. Can you imagine the wheels of the bike going into it?” Residents aren’t the only ones worried about the condition of the bridge. The Luke Masters is the captain of the Martinsville Regional Fire Department and recently inspected the bridge. Beyond the bridge is a fireway that leads to parts of Watagans National Park. But the Luke Masters said, “I’m not going to bring a car across it.” An experienced volunteer firefighter said, “It’s so bad that it’s hard to believe it can hold a fair amount of weight,” said the brigade’s large vehicles weigh about 13.5 tons and small equipment weighs about 3.5 tons. explained. “Putting a tanker over there would be very risky. You would even be worried about the Ambo over there.” “You need to be able to carry a big fire truck, but not at this time,” Maggie Kent said of the bridge. rice field. “We can barely get over the car.” Residents said they had contacted the City of Lake Macquarie and the New South Wales State Government for years about the bridge, but the problem was with the local and state governments. I slipped through the cracks. “It’s a bit like yes, the minister,” Kent said. “Things aren’t really happening. There’s a lot of talk and rhetoric, but no one is doing anything,” said Helen Plummer, council’s asset management manager, about the bridge and the roads that lead to it. He said he was in the royal territory. The council had been discussing taking over ownership of the bridge with state agencies, which had not yet been resolved. “At present, that would be the responsibility of the King,” Ms. Plummer said of the maintenance of the bridge. She appreciated the residents’ concerns about the bridge, but said, “This isn’t really ours, so we can’t prioritize it. [for work] A spokesperson for the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment-Crownland said in a statement, “Crownland did not build or approve the construction of roads and bridges.” “The Lake Macquarie City Council has traditionally maintained Pointers Road and bridges as part of the local road network,” a spokesman said. Residents simply want the bridge to be repaired and promptly or replaced. I’ll die, “Hackle said. Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest local news to the community. This is the way to continue to access trusted content.


The sinking of Martinsville residents worried about local bridges | Newcastle Herald

Source link The sinking of Martinsville residents worried about local bridges | Newcastle Herald

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