The secrets of the world’s most exclusive sex club Snctm revealed by performers

The whisper travels across a dimly lit room with an A-list female star among the masked guests at a top secret Snctm sex party.

Some members pay up to $ 50,000 a year to participate in an orgy in a luxurious atmosphere, while others are already exploring each other’s bodies over a glass of champagne and cocktails by the bar. Sun report.

This is Haley Grace’s regular work night, with an appetizing exhibit with fellow performers and a reminder of her experience working in an elite community.

Launched in 2013, the high-end erotic art club has become a staple of sexy nightlife in cities such as LA and New York, offering guests the opportunity to realize their wildest sexual fantasies.

Haley is a performer, model, costume designer and producer who has been working at club intimate events since September last year, often in mansions and luxury penthouses.

Her professional activities range from fire performances, burlesque, roller dance to environmental character performances. She is also a professional mermaid.

She said her show on Snctm was “expressive, elegant and sensual,” a transcendental fantasy reminiscent of the 1999 movie “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Tom Cruise. He says he has the courage to enter the world.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said:

The time I attended was actually as a guest.

“I went on a date, and we had an absolutely wonderful time. I went to the next event again as a guest alone.

“It was another experience, but it was still exciting and satisfying.” At this point, I became acquainted with the many people involved in creating Snctm and really wanted to be part of it. rice field.

Being a team, I applied to be one of their performers.

“At the next event, I made my performance debut. I’ve been a XXX performer for another year.”

She admits: “My friend knows my role at Snctm, but I have never felt the urge to discuss it with my family.

“I’m Polyamory and I’m co-starring with my main partner.

“It’s great to work with him because the compatibility between the two is real and when they know each other’s bodies, the performance really improves.”

When it comes to relationships with guests, she said the performers interact with them by mixing and flirting to make sure they’re having a good time and feeling good.

However, as a general rule, performers do not interact with guests.

“I have no sexual contact with guests. I only physically interact with other XXX models that I have agreed to play with,” Haley said.

“The show is always different and different every night. At the last Snctm party, we had a beautiful bondage scene while being serenaded by a violinist. It was sacred.”

She says a crowd of up to 100 people is made up of “beautiful and wealthy people” who work in all areas, from business and finance to the arts, including many famous faces.

Recalling one memorable night in New York, Haley said she rubbed her shoulders with a female celebrity and the pair had a memorable conversation.

When asked if she had received a star track at Snctm, she said: And I had a chance to talk to them for a while.

“It was an A-list female star. People like to be able to do this in secret and remove restraints.”

When asked if the star was involved with other guests, Haley laughed and replied: “I can’t talk about it.”

If the club is still getting a lot of celebrities from the door, take the quiz, she says: It’s very fun.

“Organizers are very strict about people’s phones, they are taken to the door, and they have really good security.

“Consent is also the most important thing. They do a really good job of making sure it looks like a safe place for everyone, not just celebrities.”

The party runs from 10 pm to 3 pm, Snctm hosts events in Miami and Moscow, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly promoting the club.

“Usually when people arrive, men wear black ties and women wear evening dresses with sexy lingerie underneath,” Haley said.

“They go to the bar and have a cocktail. There are a few more ambient performers.

“And then there’s something like a night going on. The performances are spread out between the rooms.

“We have a variety of stage pieces. Much attention is paid to details, decorations, props, such things, lighting, and music.

“Often there are live musicians. I’ve done scenes that were serenade by either a harpist or a violinist. It’s really beautiful and dark.”

Many sex parties involve guests getting off and going to private rooms to get dirty, but Haley said Snctm is a more “play party.”

“The important thing is to play in public,” she said. And there are people flying on the wall [voyeurs]”

Guests get into business-kissing and foreplaying in either a couple or a group, while others go all the way and enjoy full sex in front of fellow members.

Haley argued that Snctm was more popular than ever and “we are always full” because the event was canceled throughout the pandemic for safety reasons.

Snctm has prospered under new ownership over the past few years. We also welcomed new creative director Inka Nevala, an award-winning performance artist who also works on LouLou D’vil.

According to Haley, most of the parties are in New York and some are in Los Angeles, so we’ll arrive at the event in the afternoon to do some hair makeup.

“Next, we’ll have a run-through and discussion with the creative director and performance partners about the scene I’m in.

“Then I put on my costume and take a photo. I usually have enough time to relax and socialize until the door is ready to open and really fun begins.

“I often start the night with a more ambient performance and then have a more intense sex scene with my partner on the main stage later in the night.

“I usually have three performance moments all night.”

Haley encouraged couples and single women to join Snctm and described it as a “sexual oasis” and a “unique experience.”

She added: “If you are a sexually open-minded person or want to be more open, it’s a great way to find a similar mind and try new things.

“The feedback from the guests is really positive. Many first-timers told me they were surprised by the openness and inspiration they felt there.”

This article was originally Sun Reproduced with permission

at first Secrets of the world’s most exclusive sex club Snctm revealed by performers who saw A-listers runaway

The secrets of the world’s most exclusive sex club Snctm revealed by performers

Source link The secrets of the world’s most exclusive sex club Snctm revealed by performers

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