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“The Road to One-Way Freedom”: Boris Johnson Outlines Britain’s Blockade Exit Plan

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out a phased plan to end the UK’s blockade of COVID-19, providing a “cautious” approach to prevent a return to wholesale restrictions that have hindered the economy.

Johnson was pressured to give millions of people trapped in their homes more freedom and hope for closed businesses, and the first step was minimal socializing outdoors. Said to give priority to schools returning on March 8th when allowed.

The so-called roadmap goes through four stages, five weeks in between, and the final stage (most restrictions are lifted) does not start until June 21 at the earliest.

“Therefore, there is no reliable route to the Zero COVID UK or the Zero COVID world, and to the limits that undermine our economy, our physical and mental well-being, and the chances of our children’s lives. You can’t stick indefinitely, “he told Johnson’s parliament.

“That’s why it’s so important that this roadmap is both cautious and irreversible. What we want is a one-way path to freedom.”

Britain, which has killed about 130,000 people, is suffering from the world’s fifth-largest official death toll from a pandemic, and its economy has experienced the biggest downturn in about 300 years.

With one of the tightest blockades and one of the fastest vaccine deployments in the world, the country could be seen as a government test case hoping to resume its economy and return to some sort of normal life. there is.

Despite the promising data released on Monday after more than two months of domestic vaccination, the UK government’s cautious approach highlights how slow the process is for many countries.

Johnson said the rapid start of vaccine deployment and the sharp reduction in infectious diseases could carefully ease the severe blockade of England that began on January 5.

Once the plan is deployed, the MP will have the opportunity to vote for a particular step.

Authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are responsible for their public health and will relax regulations over the next few months.

The reopening of school is expected to help the economy and free parents who had to balance work and homeschooling.

However, mitigation of social mix was initially limited, and the government encouraged people to work from home for weeks, if possible, until a social distance review was completed at some point before June 21st. Ask for.

It is expected that a small number of people will mix outdoors at the end of March, but non-essential shops and outdoor hospitality will not resume until April 12 at the earliest.

Most social contact rules will be lifted outdoors by May 17, and all legal restrictions on social contact may be removed from June 21 at the latest.


Johnson, who was treated in the intensive care unit of COVID-19 last year, is not only being pressured by Conservative politicians to restart the economy, but the virus recurs if it is unlocked too soon. I am also under pressure from a scientific adviser who is afraid of.

He looked more cautious in recent months than in the early days of the pandemic when widely criticized for his enthusiasm for reopening shops, restaurants, pubs and offices.

“We are not in a very good position and are improving,” Patrick Valence, the government’s chief scientific adviser, told reporters.

“The message from all modeling is … reduce the number of (infections) before starting the release, proceed slowly, and (and) put it in a block where the effect can be measured after 4-5 weeks.”

“The Road to One-Way Freedom”: Boris Johnson Outlines Britain’s Blockade Exit Plan

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