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The report states that the CFO of the Trump organization will surrender to DA in a tax audit | Donald Trump

Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, surrendered to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Thursday as he and the Trump family were preparing to be criminally liable for tax-related investigations.

Weisserberg enters the building that houses the Manhattan Criminal Court, where he and representatives of the Trump organization are expected to appear that day. The exact accusations against Weisselberg and the Trump organization are not yet known.

The move is the first criminal accusation against the former president’s company since the prosecution launched an investigation three years ago.

The accusation represents the latest stage in an intensifying battle between New York prosecutors and the former president. The charges against the Trump Organization and Weisselberg remained sealed Wednesday night, but suspected tax violations related to the company’s profits to top executives, including the use of apartment, car and school tuition. Was expected to be included, said people familiar with the case.

Although not personally expected to be prosecuted against Trump, they represent an extraordinary turning point for the former president, and many more could follow. New York The prosecution is still investigating allegations of “hash money” paid to women who claim to have a sexual relationship with Trump and allegations of real estate price fixing.

The accusation is also a serious blow to the Trump Organization, which can make funding more difficult as the incident continues. They also challenge Trump’s apparent political ambitions.Former president is a series Campaign style rally And in 2024 he is placing himself in the president for another run.

Prosecutors have pressured Weisselberg, 73, to cooperate in the investigation, but so far with little success.

No one but Trump has such complete knowledge of the Trump organization. “They are like Batman and Robin,” says Jennifer Weisselberg, ex-wife of Allen Weisselberg’s son Barry. I told the New York Times. Jennifer Weisselberg helped Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance investigate the controversial post-divorce Trump business and submitted hundreds of pages of tax documents.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paid $ 130,000 paid to adult film actor Stormy Daniels, who claims Weisselberg had sex with Trump, before the 2019 parliament. He testified that he helped with the concealment work to refund him.

Cohen also testified that he and Weisselberg created a telephone valuation of Trump’s real estate holdings, inflating their assets for a loan agreement and devaluing them for tax purposes. Vance and New York Attorney General Letitia James are investigating both of these claims.

A grand jury was recently appointed to weigh the evidence, and James said he had appointed two of her lawyers to work with Vance to engage in criminal investigations while continuing Trump’s civil investigation. Stated.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office did not respond to requests for comment from the Guardians.

Trump blew up the investigation in a statement on Monday, deciding Vance’s office to be “rude, awkward, and completely prejudiced.”

The Trump Organization lawyer virtually met with a Manhattan prosecutor last week in an attempt to discourage claims from the company. The prosecutor has given the lawyer a Monday deadline to argue that criminal accusations should not be filed.

Trump Organization lawyer Ron Fishetti told AP this week that Trump himself had no sign of being included in his first indictment.

“There are no charges against the former president this week,” Fishetti said. “I can’t say he’s completely out of the forest yet.”

Trump’s loyal lieutenant Weisserberg and his real estate developer’s father, Fred, were partially scrutinized for questions about his son’s use of Trump’s apartment almost or for free. ..

Prosecutors investigating tax-exempt benefits to Trump executives also see Matthew Calamari and his son, the corporate director of company security, who turned from former Trump bodyguards to chief operating officer. However, Calamaris lawyers said Wednesday they did not expect them to be prosecuted.

“The DA investigation is clearly underway, but I don’t think we will be prosecuted against either client at this time,” said lawyer Nicholas Gravante.

The company and Weisselberg were scheduled to appear for the first time on Thursday.

The report states that the CFO of the Trump organization will surrender to DA in a tax audit | Donald Trump

Source link The report states that the CFO of the Trump organization will surrender to DA in a tax audit | Donald Trump

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