The real magical material of Manchester City?Lack of stupidity | Manchester City

SPorts tend to move towards perfection: cleaner lines, more star cars, greater certainty. It’s a process that football, with its deep variables, chaos and inspirational notes, was surprisingly good at resisting, at least until now.

Player Manchester city Chelsea will leave for Etihad Stadium on Saturday afternoon. There is the charm of the usual event. There are TV graphics, Anchorman’s urgency, and a sense of something planetary scale on the train.

There is a good reason.for Premier League 2021-22 This is one of the key points of the Series Arc. He played first and second and won the title against the European champion. This is two of the three most valuable teams in football in the world. This is exactly the product, the market, and the center of global eye supremacy.

However, when zooming out, one may be missing. That is the true meaning of the dangers of sports. There is no doubt that the action itself will be the highest grade. Digital channels are thriving with Game Day Ephemera. But as the bright red Super Saturday progresses, this is a pretty cold product.

This is a confusing point, as it exhibits an unprecedented level of talent. Also, the joy of the basic sense of seeing the activities of this champion’s city team, its fascinating patterns, its architectural beauty, its simple sporting virtues, groupism, selfless energy, player guidance and improvement. Because of the way. In September the city went to Stamford Bridge And it seemed to be walking in another kind of gravity. This is a high-end strangulation reminiscent of Pep Guardiola’s best-century Barcelona team in 2009-11.

These five months of gentle hope for the actual Premier League title race were overwhelmed by the current run of 11 wins and 33 goals scored from fall to winter. The city had already cleared 10 points in early January, the season was diced and trimmed, and relaxed towards the fourth title in five years. And it may be time to say that. We have seen domination before. But this is something new.

It’s not just numbers. But the numbers are amazing. Currently, the city is on a course to reach 96 points. In 2017-18, they built up a century, followed by 98 in the next season. Prior to 2018, no other team in the history of Britain’s premier football had ever matched these sums, even if it allowed 42 games in the season. Despite a compromise added by Covid last season, City was still 12 points away from second place.

Some contexts: Before the Premier League, something in the late ’70s was a potential table topper. Even during Manchester United’s empire in the 1990s, they won the league with 82, 75, 79, and 84 points, among other things, before rising to the heights of the 1980s in the year of Cristiano Ronaldo’s surge. Chelsea set a new mark of 95 points in 2004-05, but 120 years and one pre-FFP transfer surged. The city is now able to pass it for the first time in five years.

Manchester United celebrated the 1999 title and won with 79 points. Previously they were achieved at 75. Photo: Owen Humphreys / PA

No one has ever won this way in British club football. No British team has removed the variables and reduced the unsolvable large equations to a power of 11/90 to some sort of inevitability. Not just goals and points, but tones and textures, edges and knots, and a sense of something without tension. Why did that happen? And are you okay?

At this point we need to talk about money. The financial gap between the top and bottom has widened for a quarter of a century. Aggregation of record points looks like a logical extension to anyone who happens to be leading.

But there is something else here. A nationally owned champion club. By these unconstrained entities rather than the usual galleries of advertisers, egoists, dividend addicts, and rubbernecking self-promoters. And yes, having unlimited financial resources at your disposal is not everything. But that’s quite a few.

You need to be careful The city is still under investigation By the Premier League on suspicion of violating financial rules they strongly deny.Now there are rules Regulate sponsorship agreements of related partiesTrying to make sure that these are for value and not just endless erupting cash hoses.

Certainly it’s a happy coincidence. Many independent organizations based in Emirates are attracted to the City brand. Undoubtedly, Etihad Airways, Etihad Telecom, Expo Dubai, Emirates Palace, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Health Point Abu Dhabi, Masdar in Abu Dhabi, noon in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Tourism Board are all their speculative pretending to be this sky blue. I am happy to invest.

A statue of Vincent Company, a former Manchester City captain, outside Etihad Stadium.
A statue of Vincent Company, a former Manchester City captain, outside Etihad Stadium. Photo: James Gil-Dane House / Getty Images

Some suggest that financial fair play is fraudulent in itself, a tool to accelerate the status quo, and presents a rather strange idea of ​​what is good ().Vampire-owned model of the Glazer family) And bad (regeneration in eastern Manchester). As of this week, the city has outperformed Manchester United’s annual commercial revenues anyway, in return for all its seed capital. Isn’t this the way businesses are supposed to work?

But in reality, it’s not about money. Clubs have always spent huge amounts of money. Success does not always last. United has spent £ 1 billion on players since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. Barcelona has been glazed and drooling in a state of bitterness. How about that anyway?

It’s like a real cheat code, the real magical ingredient is something else: lack of stupidity. This is an industry that has been defeated by incompetence, greed, and competing interests. What happens if I unclog the machine? What is the long-term impact of being owned by different types of entities without the short-term principle of the fate of an established model, the everyday operetta?

Clarity of purpose, extreme capabilities, government-backed stability, and (yes) infinite funding guarantees prove to be very powerful alternatives.

United offers the most obvious contrast. A club with the same resources, but the club was also shot with a torn, confused desire between sucking up commercial revenue and maintaining the pretense of a field arm, a customer interface for chasing trophies. Core business. There is no such internal dance in the city. And, of course, a unified, fully focused nation-state avatar wins the game every time.

The same is true for clubs like Liverpool. In Liverpool, no matter how great the first XI is, the ability to challenge the city is undermined by more human interests. Funding must be in place and costs are capped. How do clubs such as Arsenal, hostages, nepotism, and shareholder needs stand on the same stage?

Jack Grealish, a £ 100 million player in Manchester City, can afford to buy and lose the back of the sofa.
Jack Grealish, a £ 100 million player in Manchester City, can afford to buy and lose the back of the sofa. Photo: Catherine Evil / Getty Images

And in fact, what outperforms the panicked old model is a sense of government-backed certainty. Planning, hiring, contracts: all of this can be seen with a clear head.The city can afford to buy and basically lose the back of the couch £ 100m playerNo need to worry about opportunity cost, resale value, marketing optics. Chelsea also exists on this scale. Only this month, Roman Abramovich’s club loan has exceeded £ 1.5 billion and is the only loan he has to repay (to himself). If there is unprecedented stability and the losses are always covered, the plan makes sense and the model works.

Perhaps Paris Saint-Germain is a counterexample. This is another state club that seems inefficient and jammed for all its glitz. But what are the actual plans for PSG? How to generate a buzz? How to hire Neymar as a public relations spokesperson? How to camp in Paris for years of the World Cup? To be visibly gorgeous? In that case, the mission has been completed.

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The decisive note of the city is its extreme and free ability. It is wise to simply bolt the Catalan model of how to win. Managers will create a star system and make the system the champion of coaching schools to fill the team with the highest quality players in the range of £ 40m to £ 70m.

And it’s all surprisingly efficient, and perhaps the only irregular note is something of a machine to win in a way that Citi has reduced the league season to a fascinating formula, and perhaps the only irregular note flashes in a big European game. Guardiola’s own tendency, the lurking egoism of epic tactical strokes.

In the neutral case, the unchecked box provides a fascinating minor chord for this brilliantly devised fascinating football entity. And now this looks like the most fascinating club team British football has ever witnessed. Sports have dropped to great points – High-end and cold eyes – works with a unique patch of clear blue sky.

The real magical material of Manchester City?Lack of stupidity | Manchester City

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