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The probe was announced in the EPA’s decision on a soil dump site for the Westgate tunnel.

Victorian Ombudsman is investigating the EPA’s approval of three landfills to receive millions of tonnes of contaminated boring machine waste from the Westgate Tunnel project.

Deborah glass

Project builder CPB John Holland Joint Ventures was approved by the EPA in June to accept waste soil produced by tunnel boring machines contaminated with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFA). Announced that they have selected one of the sites.

PFA is a chemical used in fire extinguishing foam and, according to the advice of the health department, can be toxic to fish and some animals and can also accumulate in the human body.

The project is expected to generate 3 million tonnes of waste soil in 18 months, the EPA said.

The problem of finding a place to dump soil, such as opposition from community groups and legal action, was a thorn on the part of large transportation infrastructure projects.

human rights

The ombudsman’s Deborah Glass said the study will consider whether the EPA’s decisions comply with statutory environmental protection requirements and consider human rights in site approval.

The EPA revoked the initial approval of the three sites in December last year following a legal challenge by a community group.

In early 2021, the EPA approved a new environmental management plan for the same site: Ravenhall’s Cleanaway Operations, Bulla’s Hi-Quality Quarry Products, and Bacchus Marsh’s Maddingley Brown Coal.

Brasite was subsequently selected by a joint building venture.

“Management error”

The EPA said the new plan addressed “administrative errors” in the previous document and that the site was “rigorously evaluated to address all environmental risks.”

Deborah Glass of the ombudsman said he was concerned that without the actions of the community group, the EPA’s decision-making deficiencies would not have been revealed.

“The community deserves to know if the right process is followed when deciding where to dispose of large amounts of spoilage, especially given its proximity to homes,” she said in a statement.

The investigation is separate from the Supreme Court’s procedures related to the disposal of putrefaction and the revision of the planning scheme by the Minister of Planning.

Expected to finish by the end of this year, Mr. Glass said the ombudsman couldn’t cancel the project or order a place to ruin it.

The Westgate Tunnel will be a 17-kilometer road, including a 6.8-kilometer tunnel connecting the western part of Melbourne with the central city. This is envisioned as an alternative to the highly crowded West Gate Bridge in the city.

The $ 6.7 billion project is being offered in partnership with toll road operator Transurban, the Victoria State Government, and the John Holland CPB joint venture.

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The probe was announced in the EPA’s decision on a soil dump site for the Westgate tunnel.

Source link The probe was announced in the EPA’s decision on a soil dump site for the Westgate tunnel.

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