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The Morrison government has accused Novak Djokovic of “distracting” from the COVID-19 issue.

“After careful consideration, I understand that Djokovic’s health and order have taken steps to revoke his visa for the public good.

“This pandemic was very difficult for all Australians, but we have united to save lives and livelihoods.”

Former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has accused the government of using Djokovic to distract attention from the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia.

“Surprised! Morrison’s government cancels Djokovic’s visa to win the weekend media cycle-showing us how hairy he is. Why did they issue visas in the first place? Did he write on Twitter?

“With one big political turmoil from empty shelves and a national shortage of boosters [rapid antigen tests].. “

Serbian President Alexander Vucci has once again accused the government of harassing tennis stars.

“If Djokovic wanted to ban his tenth trophy, why didn’t he return him immediately, why didn’t he tell him he couldn’t get a visa? Why did he harass him?” According to local media He said.

The International Tennis Federation respects the government’s decision in a statement, but said the story was “disappointing to all involved.”

“The protocol needs to be communicated clearly in a timely manner, and for it to be effective, the proper process must be respected by everyone,” he said.

“The ITF believes that complete vaccination is a personal decision, but this is a responsibility that all of us must take to ease restrictions and prevent such a situation from happening in the future. I believe it is an action. “

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“It’s a shame I’m in this situation,” said Andy Murray, who won the men’s Grand Slam three times.

“I just want to solve it. If so, I think it’s good for everyone. It looks like it’s been dragged in for quite some time. Yeah, it’s not good for tennis. It’s good for the Australian Open. Not good for Novak, “he said.

Boris Becker, the former men’s number one in the world, told the BBC that “no tennis player is bigger than a tournament.”

“As sportsmen or women, we have to focus on what is happening in court, not what is happening in court. It’s a political game in which he was involved, which is a shame.”

Former Serbian tennis player Janko Tipsarević used Twitter to say that the entire process was “toxic.”

“Shame everyone involved in this process,” he wrote.

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After Djokovic’s visa was first canceled, he was taken to Carlton’s Park Hotel, an immigration facility that houses dozens of asylum seekers.

Some of the men at the facility have been in the Australian immigration system for nearly 10 years and are not allowed to leave the detention center during a court battle.

In recent weeks, a fire broke out at the facility and detainees Reported eating maggots and mold.. It is also the site of the outbreak of COVID-19, infecting half of the detainees and about 20 staff.

Elaine Pearson, Australian director of Human Rights Watch, said on Twitter that canceling Djokovic’s visa “reveals the nature of Kafkaesque in Australia’s immigration system.”

“The minister argues that it is in the” public interest “when it serves a political purpose. During that time, 32 refugees and asylum seekers remain in custody at the Park Hotel, “she wrote.

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The Morrison government has accused Novak Djokovic of “distracting” from the COVID-19 issue.

Source link The Morrison government has accused Novak Djokovic of “distracting” from the COVID-19 issue.

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