The Matrix Resurrections Celebrate Trance Life

People who are willing to go to the cinema’s public spaces in these uncertain times may have already seen Matrix Resurrections, The fourth of Lana Wachowski’s groundbreaking science fiction franchise.

Keanu Reeves is back as Neo. I’m looking for a woman who is trapped in the miserable life of Thomas Anderson and reminds me of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). With the help of Bugs (Jessica Henwick) and Morpheus (Yahya Abdul Matine II), Neo rediscovers the “real world” and fights the Matrix virtual prison.

Keanu Reeves from The Matrix Bros.

Many fans will see Reeves kicking his ass again, but for a transgender audience, it’s also thrilling to see a blockbuster steered by a transgender storyteller.

Rich in symbolism, matrix The film is always open to different interpretations, but watching Wachowski (with his sister Lily, who co-directed the original film), one of Hollywood’s only openly transgender directors, is Definitely fresh matrix Trilogy) – Celebrate the trance experience.

I note that I interpret the film only through the director’s personal life, especially in the absence of openly transgender characters. revival.. But I was delighted that the film overturned expectations, including expectations for a well-packaged transgender parable.

Transgender experiences in movies often explore the issue of gender identity: the struggle between law and being mistakenly gendered by loved ones, our physical mistakes, the dangers of transphobia.Movies like Danish girl When Don’t cry the boy The discomfort of the foreground that makes Transness a tragedy. This may be necessary to emphasize the importance of treatment and legal rights.

There is an unpleasant theme in the first half of the movie. Neo’s fruitless treatments reflect the medical hurdles we must jump over to access hormones and surgery. Morpheus tells Neo: Made you believe that their world is everything you deserve. It’s a complex expression of unpleasant mood. It’s not a sharp pain that you can perceive in yourself, but a subtle disappointment in life that seems inevitable.

However, many people in the transgender community embrace gender rather than framing transgender solely by negativity. Euphoria: A sense of affirmation, joy, and comfort. It expresses the excitement of Trance’s journey, the happiness of being understood by those who love you, and the feeling of finally returning to yourself.

The Matrix Resurrections Celebrate Trance Life

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