The man learned that his wife was sleeping with someone new via Netflix

The previous couple didn’t even divorce when his divorced wife decided to send him a brutal message through their Netflix account.

One man revealed a “messy” way of discovering that his wife was sleeping with another man.

The man who remained anonymous Reddit To tell his heartbreaking story.

In the post, the man said: My ex-wife or this irrigation. I haven’t even divorced. “

In what appears to be the only modern way of breaking up recently, his wife and new partner changed their login settings to almost the old husband and wife accounts on the popular streaming site Netflix.

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Not only did his wife and newcomer change their email address from husband to him, but he also left a message on the Netflix site, so he knew exactly who it was.

The message says, “Hello, the man who is f *** your ex-wife,” despite the fact that the couple has not yet divorced.

One user asked the poster: “Did you contact them to let them know that you didn’t request a change in your email address? That’s what my little ass did first.”

The original poster replied to the comment, stating: We talked about creating separate acts. Credit cards and the like are a bit like a slap. “

Another user advised him to report it to Netflix as a fraud because the man with whom his wife is sleeping does not have a complaint in his account.

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But the man said he thought it was only his wife during an apparent Netflix and Chill session with her new man.

Many others commented on how ridiculous and trivial a wife looks.

One user writes: “At least you don’t have to be around a toxic person anymore. Use this as a way to keep more of yours when you go to court (unfaithful).”

Another said: “This is a cheerful little thing. It’s not a mature approach to dealing with conflicts.”

The third user commented: Break the relationship with that b ** ch as soon as possible. “

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The man learned that his wife was sleeping with someone new via Netflix

Source link The man learned that his wife was sleeping with someone new via Netflix

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