“The list is long”: Melissa Cadick’s husband makes another bomb claim about what happened to his wife

The husband of the missing woman, Conwoman Melissa Cadick, says his “suspect list is long” after claiming he believed she was killed during a bomb interview.

Cadick’s rotten feet were launched on a secluded beach on the South Coast of New South Wales in February, three months after she disappeared.

The rest of her body was never found.

The multi-million dollar scammer disappeared two days after her home was attacked by the Australian corporate authority ASIC as the scale of her amazing Ponzi scheme began to reveal.

Her husband Anthony Colletti 7 told NEWS Spotlight He has been crying every day since she disappeared, and police believe he is likely to commit suicide.

Camera iconMelissa Cadick hasn’t been seen since November 12th. Andy Baker. credit: News Corp Australia
Camera icon“It makes sense,” said Anthony Colletti. That his wife was murdered. 7 News spotlight credit: News Corp Australia

In a preview released before The Vanishing, aired on Channel 7 on Sunday night, he told the show that it made sense for him to kill Ms. Cadick.

“My suspect list is long,” he said.

“If it comes out, if the police come to me and say,’Melissa was killed,’ it’s like,’It makes sense.’

“I don’t think she committed suicide.

“Her love for her son, me, her family and friends went far beyond that.

“I think I’m sad every day, do you know?

“I came from tears every day for a year because I don’t shed tears in my life.”

Cadick deceived the general public for about $ 25 million, including close friends and family.

Anthony Colletti Anthony Colletti
Camera iconMelissa Caddick and Anthony Koletti are subject to special Spotlight research. 7 Provided in news credit: Channel 7

She portrayed herself as a genius financial planner who turned her savings into money.

But instead of trusting the money the victim gave her, she received cash and spent it on herself and her extravagant lifestyle.

In the days after ASIC began investigating and before her mystery disappeared, everything collapsed.

Her husband and 15-year-old son were left behind when Mr. Caddick went missing.

“I can’t keep silent anymore,” Colletti told 7News Spotlight about his belief that he didn’t die from suicide.

“It’s time to reveal the truth,” he said.

“No one disappears. I don’t think it’s an accident.”

In the preview of the spotlight special show on Sunday night, journalist Michael Asher did not hesitate to ask Colletti a tough question.

Police have never suspected Mr. Colletti for cheating, and there is no suggestion that he had any knowledge or involvement in Mr. Caddick’s dangerous transaction.

Anthony Colletti Anthony Colletti
Camera iconAnthony Colletti misses his wife Melissa Cadick and is still in love with her. 7 Provided in news credit: Channel 7

Colletti is the last person to see his Caddic alive and has never spoken to the media.

He claims to have been in the dark about the massive fraud of millions missing and his wife.

Usher described the interview as “quite uncomfortable.”

“Believe it or not, he (Mr. Colletti) still loves Melissa desperately,” he said.

“He misses her. He lost his wife. Is he quite confused about what’s going on?

“When you try to understand Melissa, it’s hard to understand Cadick’s personality.”

A special episode of the spotlight from Mr. Colletti’s bomb interview will air on Sunday at 7 pm.

There is no suggestion that Mr. Colletti or his family has anything to do with Mr. Cadick’s fraudulent transactions.

“The list is long”: Melissa Cadick’s husband makes another bomb claim about what happened to his wife

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