The latest information on the global spread of coronavirus


* UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that Scotland could become dominant within a few days and is not planning further restrictions in the UK to curb significant growth of the Omicron COVID-19 mutant. Said his spokesman.

* Booster shots significantly restore protection against mild illnesses caused by Omicron, partially reversing the sharp decline in vaccine efficacy, the UK Health and Safety Agency said.

* Italy reported 118 deaths to 79 on Friday, but the daily count for new infectious diseases surged from 12,527 to 20,497, the Ministry of Health said.

* Switzerland may have to impose another limited blockade to break the momentum of increasing incidents that could overwhelm the health system, the government said.

* Cyprus has detected the first case of Omicron, the Ministry of Health said.

* Throughout France, pharmacies say they are lacking in testing as cases increase and they are scrambling to make sure they are not at risk of contaminating their loved ones when they meet during the holiday season. ..


* According to a US report released Friday, most of the 43 cases caused by Omicron identified in the US so far are fully vaccinated, and one-third of them are boosted. Was receiving.

* Cases in Canada are starting to increase, and Ottawa warned on Friday that the tendency for severity could also increase, and the rapid spread of Omicron abroad is a “serious warning” for those who wish to travel. He said it should be.

* Brazil’s Ministry of Health said on Friday that its website was hit by a hacker and several systems went down, including a system containing information about the country’s immune system and a system used to issue digital vaccination certificates. Said.

* New York Governor Kathy Hokul said that starting next week, face covers will need to be worn at businesses and venues unless the vaccine requirements are in place.

Asia Pacific

* Australia has once again expanded its biosecurity measures to control who can enter and leave the country.

* According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, Singapore plans to start vaccination of children aged 5-11 by the end of this year.

* India has detected 25 cases of Omicron, all with mild symptoms, the Ministry of Health said, adding that there were no immediate plans to approve vaccine boosters.

Middle East and Africa

* Ghana will vaccinate returnees and residents arriving at the airport starting next Monday, if not yet fired, the health service said.

* South African scientists have reported no signs that Omicron is causing a more serious illness. The country is preparing to provide people with booster doses of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, senior health officials said.

Medical development

* Moderna said it will supply up to 150 million additional vaccines to the Gavi Vaccine Alliance for distribution through the COVAX Vaccine Sharing Facility in 2022.

* According to the International Council of Nurses, the spread of Omicron will further reduce the number of nurses around the world, and there will be imbalances as Western countries increase recruitment of health care workers from Africa and other poor countries. ..

* AstraZeneca said it will supply Singapore with antibody cocktails by the end of the year.

Economic impact

* After data showed that inflation rose as expected in November, the dollar on Friday remained almost unchanged, global stock market gauges rose, and the Federal Reserve needed to aggressively tighten monetary policy. Alleviated the concern that there is.


Death 5,310,211

Case 269,339,853

Collected 242,204,994

The latest information on the global spread of coronavirus

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