The jury heard about a baby’s fatal collision injury

The fatal injury to the baby in a car accident in Sydney did not coincide with the infant being held in a child seat, the jury reported.

Peter Watfa was accused of driving an 11-month-old baby on his lap, but told police that the baby was being held in a baby capsule in the backseat.

The 43-year-old boy was acquitted of manslaughter on February 25, 2019 in Lulunea near his home in Liverpool.

Prosecutor Ken Gilson claims that the baby was on Watfa’s lap when his BMW collided with Mercedes, which was allegedly on the other side of the road.

He suggested that the fatal injury was caused by a combination of shocks with the BMW logo, steering wheel, airbags, and the potential of Watfa’s body force to be pushed forward.

Clash researcher Michael Griffiths, who filed evidence in the district court on Thursday, said the baby’s injury did not match his detention in a child seat.

The results of many tests conducted up to speeds of 100 km / h showed that the injury did not persist when the child was utilized, he said.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Sarita Maistry said the cause of death was blunt trauma to the baby’s head, face and chest.

The baby had a large number of bruise, but also had abrasions on the face, neck and torso, and bleeding in the brain.

She said the patterned scratches on the right side of the baby’s face could be due to the BMW logo on the front of the handle.

“It’s possible, it’s its unique shape,” she said.

Watfa’s barrister Daniel Petrushunko asked if this pattern could have occurred when the driver was taking the baby and the baby’s head hit the steering wheel.

“If you have enough power to imprint,” she said.

Deborah Cunningham and her daughter Georgia testify that they saw the driver’s door open shortly after the collision and saw a man go out with his baby in his arms.

“I think the baby didn’t get out of the car at the same time as the driver, but left later,” Petrusinko told her daughter Thursday.

“I don’t agree,” she replied.

The trial will continue.

The jury heard about a baby’s fatal collision injury

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