The Jets coach refused to point his finger after a costly error in a 2 to 2 draw with the Wanderers.Newcastle Herald

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Jets coach Arthur Papas says he will take responsibility for the costly error behind him as his new looking side learns his way after a 2-2 draw with Western Sydney on Sunday night. increase. Newcastle, who lost 2-1 to the Home Central Coast in Round 1, dominated the opening 30 minutes of the CommBank stadium with a free-flowing, high-strength attack, but was locked to 1-1 by a break. A penalty from Beka Micheltaze pushed the jet forward in the 19th minute after a clever task from Olivier Boumal, who brought a foul from Rhys Williams. However, Bernie Ibini’s volley equalizer arrived in the 42nd minute due to the bad touch of the jet skipper Matt Jarman. In repeated Mariners games, Jets paid for Costa Grozos when he was punished behind him. Tomer Hemed pushed the turnover from the pass back to Grozos, filling the chance in the 49th minute. Boumal leveled off just three minutes after Valentino Boumal’s sharp run and a close-range finish on the ball over the goal. But in the end, the error behind meant that Newcastle scored points when the three were there for the take. Papas defended his team’s own-based style under the Wanderers press. “Don’t put pressure on you first and try to give up your goal,” Papas said when asked about Hemed’s goal. “If you focus on it, focus on it every time they put pressure on us, we succeed, and we create opportunities, and it takes courage to do that.” Responsibility, it’s with me, and it’s what I’m looking for, and players, they’re just trying to do their best. I’m not going to make sense about talking, “Is it right or wrong?” “Reality wants consistency for me. Our actions are consistent. Is football consistent? And I think it’s very consistent for teams that are really starting the match for the first time. “Costa will learn from it, and he knows it. And the reality is that it’s his second A-League match in his career and he’ll be a very good player. “He’s getting better then, we’re we I keep doing what I’m doing and trying to keep making what we want to do. ”There are times when there are good times and times when this happens, but that’s my responsibility. Papas was disappointed with his efforts in the second half of the first half, but said the whole game was a “step forward.” “It was great early on,” he said. 30 minutes, some of our best football. I think we’ve fallen a bit into a trap because we thought we might have another goal that deserves it. “I keep talking about how to play, regardless of score. At 1-0, I think we need to be a little more disciplined. I think we need to keep the tempo on the ball. That’s our goal. I think. I have to learn. “” But it’s a very new team. It’s the first time for them. Since they first encountered this situation, the main thing in all these situations is that they are. Then learn. “And they are a very good team. [Wanderers] There were some very good players and there was a reaction. “I think both teams were probably open in the second half. I’m a little confident in scoring a goal before halftime.” I think we have created a chance. I think they also had a chance. I think we protected the box very well. I know there were a lot of shots, but most were from outside the box. “We were desperate, stepped around the box and had a chance.” I thought it was a good game and a step forward. We must continue to work hard. I hope players can continue to build with a little belief in their performance. News: Journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. Here’s how to continue to access trusted content.


The Jets coach refused to point his finger after a costly error in a 2 to 2 draw with the Wanderers.Newcastle Herald

Source link The Jets coach refused to point his finger after a costly error in a 2 to 2 draw with the Wanderers.Newcastle Herald

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