The Importance of Short-Form Videoes for your Brand

Do you know that 84% of consumers who watch a video about a product or service are convinced to buy? And 68% of people will watch a video when it’s less than a minute in length? Besides, 72% of consumers love videos than text marketing.

Social media is stirring a more significant change in how your audience consumes information. If you seek to reach the young generation, short-form videos are the way to go. You can entertain them while keeping them informed about your brand.

With a shrinking attention span, you also need to make short-form videos. Short-form content will help grab your viewers’ attention and keep them hooked on your videos. You can use an online video editor to cut it into short but smooth and flowing video content even after shooting long footage.

Reasons Why You Should Create Short Brand Videos

Short Videos are Attention-Grabbing

Being able to get your audience’s attention is not about how long they focus on your content at a given time. There is too much video content, and every brand is wrestling to attract viewers. And with limited time and a busy schedule, my attention span has shrunk. That is why you should use shorter videos that have proven to be effective.

While video marketing is approaching saturation, videos are still worth incorporating into your marketing strategy. Failure to do it will be detrimental to your brand. But as you make your videos, keep in mind that length matters a lot. And creating shorter videos should not be a big lead since online video editor tools help cut that long footage into short and engaging content.

Matches with Audience Behavior

Many online users watch online videos for about an hour a day. As a marketer, keep in mind that you grapple to get a portion of the 60 minutes. And with lots of content to watch, you need to have an interesting and short video about your brand. That way, you can be sure to get many viewers.

Long-form videos can be helpful when marketing your brand. You can use it to educate your audience on complex issues while drawing the bigger picture. But a majority of the people engaging with your content want short and valuable videos.

Your consumers may be looking for specific brand information. And they would want to get it quickly. Therefore, if you produce long and in-depth content, you may discourage your audience from watching. Ensure to use an easy online video editor to keep your videos short. That will attract your audience and keep them watching.

Short-Form Videos are Easy to Remember

Short-form videos help you refine your branding message. Is it hard for you to put your message across in a short amount of time? Then, your brands’ information might not be memorable enough. Scale is a great benefit you enjoy when you produce short-form videos.

You may create short videos from your existing content. Or generate new content through documenting your experiences in business. Turing your written content into videos will help your audience remember most of what they watch. And with an online video editor, you will have short video content that performs better in terms of completion rates. Besides, even remembering the brand, you advertise easier for your audience.

Makes Brand More Agile

Creating longer videos will require your audience to take more time watching. Apart from that, you also need more resources to produce longer content. You put a lot of work into the creation of any video. And when you multiply your efforts in the long run, it can be hard to create and distribute your content at the pace that keeps your audience interested.

With short-form videos, you have a more aggressive marketing strategy. And it means saturation of your brand content. That happens because you take less time to create content, and coving a wide range of topics becomes easier and faster. And as you post more branded videos, you increase the chances of getting into your audience screen.

Short videos are not a matter of quantity over quality. You can make rich and concentrated videos than other types. That means you can put a ton of valuable content through a shorter clip. While creating shorter videos, ensure you do not sacrifice quality to post videos quickly.

Short-form Videos are Ideal for Social Media

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and, LinkedIn are among the most trafficked platforms you can post your videos.  But the common feature you should note about them is that they are designed for microblogging. And with microblogging, the main focus is short-form content.

As a marketer, your goal is to enhance the brand experience. That is why you have to create branded content and optimize it for a mode of delivery. Therefore, short-form videos naturally fit any social media platform. Your audience can easily digest it. And after taking your footage, a good online video editor will help create short-form videos that offer your viewers great value.

Tied to Resent

If you seek to tap into what is happening in society now, use short-form videos. You can be sure your videos will uniquely connect your brand and customers. Leveraging trends and presenting events with your branded content will give great success.

You will take a short time to produce short videos. And that provides you more flexibility and agility of covering relevant topics more time depending on your customers and industry. So, using short-form videos will be ideal for your brand to get an audience based on what is trending. Besides, the short videos are sharable, which helps spread your brand awareness.


Begin creating deeper connections with your viewers today by creating short-form brand videos. You can easily cut your long footage into smooth and flowing video without hassle. All you need is a reliable online video editor to work on your clips. With short-form videos, you will capture the attention of your viewers and hook them to your videos from start to end.

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