The iconic vehicle is auctioned

If you’ve ever grabbed a semi-trailer and hot rod mutant child, or a moving death metal stage handle, now’s your chance.

13 vehicles from the 2015 post-apocalyptic blockbuster Mad Max: The Road of Anger I’m going under the hammer this month.

The iconic Warrig, Max’s reborn Ford Falcon Interceptor, Mobile Death Metal Concert Douf Wagon, and a lineup of wild and spooky vehicles will be auctioned on September 25th.

They will be sold together at a silent auction-bidders have two days to submit their claims to Hollywood’s historic garage.

And what a terrifying garage it will be!

“A machine that was blown away, equipped with a super-turbocharger, armed with weapons and warboys, and beyond the end of civilization was unearthed in the largest barn ever recorded,” the auction company explained. I’m reading. Lloyds Classic Car Auction..

From that franchise Map Australian moviesMany of its vehicles remain as symbolic as the movie, and are none other than its infamous protagonist, the 1973 XB Falcon Coupe.

Interceptor Reborn: Max’s Falcon Coupe transforms. Photo: Lloyds Online

Handed over to the Warboys in the 2015 movie, the recognizable black V8 Pursuit Special has been transformed into a ferocious classic bare metal, off-road, supercharged version of Razor Cola.

Also known as Caltrop # 6, this car retains its original chassis and original unique scoop, with the addition of a rear-mounted harpoon.

Nevertheless Max Max Fanatics and car enthusiasts may prefer classic cars the most. The eye-catching Douf Wagon is in its own world when it comes to attracting attention.

Built on the chassis of an 8×8 MANKAT1 military truck, it acted as a rolling stage for the Do of Warrior, floating in the air in front of a huge stack of speakers while playing a flame-throwing guitar.

If that wasn’t enough, I installed some drums on the back to add bass.

It’s unclear if the Doof Wagon comes with a fire-breathing electric guitar.

Mad Max Angry Road Car Auction
The Douf Wagon is a highlight of the listed vehicles. Photo: Lloyds Online

Driven by Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa, Warrig is best described as a lover of semi-trailer and hot rod mutants.

With twin V8 end-to-end, 6-wheel drive, and 18 wheels, Wasteland’s Prime Mover Inc tanker and Ball Pig-Trailer are the movie’s best transporters.

The running status of the vehicle is unknown, but according to the auction website, vehicle inspection is possible by appointment.

Probably the most extreme looking car in the Mad Max franchise, the Gigahorse driven by adversary Immortan Joe is also listed.

Two 1959 Cadillac Coupedvilles are welded together and built on the truck’s chassis, the Gigahose is powered by two supercharged V8s and delivers 1200 horsepower.

Several convoy cars have also been auctioned, including the Nicholas Hoult character Nux’s car (1932 3-window Chevy Coupe, V8) and a pole car (Pontiac Safari with a 20-foot pole counterweight). increase.

The iconic vehicle is auctioned

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