The girl found her epileptic mother dead: “I can’t wake her up.”

Upon discovering her mother’s body, the girl called her father and said, “The mummy is sleeping soundly and I can’t wake her up.”

The little girl found her mother suffering from epilepsy dead flat and tragically told her father, “The mummy is sleeping soundly and I can’t wake her up.”

Miley, four, found her 23-year-old mother, Bekkahal, at her home in Cardiff, Wales, England, on the morning of January 3, after the drug was “not delivered.”

Becca was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 14 and was given medication for it.

When she was 19, she and her partner responded to Tot’s tragic call when Ethan gave birth to a little Miley, saying, “The mummy is sleeping soundly.”

Becca’s mother, Rachel, believes her epilepsy drug may not have been delivered the weekend before she died – and she may have been “one of the factors” for her death. I thought it wasn’t.

The 23-year-old was sentenced to tragically died at home on Monday’s Bank Holidays.

Talk to WalesOnline, Becca’s mother Rachel said: “Becca is my second child and I have never seen epilepsy myself. I had epilepsy but I have never seen it to anyone else.

“So, as a mom, for the first time I saw her in good physical condition, I just froze. Then I helped her, and I learned how to help her.

“I don’t know what time she passed or what caused her death, but as she explains, her 4-year-old daughter noticed she was” sleeping. “

“She made a video call to her dad from her mother’s cell phone at 8 am and said,” Dad, mom is sleeping soundly and I can’t wake her up. “

“As soon as her dad noticed the situation, he and his partner jumped flat as soon as possible. They called the ambulance along the way.”

Having answered Miley all the time, Ethan and his partner Lauren arrived at home at 8:15 am, and an ambulance appeared a few minutes later.

Rachel said: “Because the doors were locked, Miley had to open the windows to get them in.

“They went out of the window and tried to revive Becca, but they couldn’t.”

The pair summoned an ambulance crew and tried to perform CPR while Tot was with his neighbor, but despite their efforts, the mother was declared tragically dead.

She is believed to have died before someone got home.

The mother added: “The police were knocking on my door. As you can imagine, I was just devastated.

“I said,’Tell me she was arrested, wake me up from this nightmare,’ but unfortunately they had really bad news that she died-it’s just scary. was. “

The devastated mother added: “The loss is horrifying, and it’s horrifying to think that a four-year-old granddaughter had to make a video call to his father.

“And he tried to help her, but he couldn’t, so it was devastating.”

Rachel describes her daughter’s condition as follows: “Becca’s epilepsy was sometimes terrible. It wasn’t as bad as many cases I know.

“Unfortunately, we believe Becca’s medicine wasn’t delivered to her that weekend – it wasn’t delivered the Friday before (her death).

Family tragedy

“That was one of the factors. At this point, I’m telling myself that epilepsy keeps my daughter away from me.

“I really don’t accept her disappearance. I haven’t accepted her yet. The hard part was talking to my 4-year-old daughter.”

Rachel now tells her broken-hearted four-year-old granddaughter that her mother is a bright star in the sky. Because she doesn’t want to “see me break”.

She added: “I tell Miley that the mummy is now a bright star in the sky.

“We keep telling her that the mummy loves her so much, she always loves her, she’s always watching, and when the star is bright in the sky, it’s the mummy winking at her. I am.

“It keeps us moving for now. I don’t know when it will break. I just don’t want her to see me break.”

She describes her relationship with Becca as follows: She was really my best friend.

“She was my soulmate. She was all of me. We were very close – we lived very close. We actually lived on the same street. , Only at the end of the street. And we were always very intimate. “

Rachel now wants to raise awareness of the importance of dosing for patients with epilepsy. So no one needs to experience what the daughter faced.

She states: “It is very important for people to take epilepsy medication, because when you do this alone, if they can prevent it, God is forbidden. I am my life. Experience what you have to experience for the rest of the.

“If people don’t have the drug, they need to find a way to get it-because it’s so important.”

Rachel’s GoFundMe page The family has exceeded the goal of £ 1,000 (A $ 1891) and has already donated £ 4255 (A $ 8046) to celebrate Becca’s life and help Miley.

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at first A tragic call to the infant’s father after finding his mother dead: “I can’t wake her up”

The girl found her epileptic mother dead: “I can’t wake her up.”

Source link The girl found her epileptic mother dead: “I can’t wake her up.”

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