The court said the route to Jury Jarid Haein was flawed.

Mr. Game said the question arises as to whether the court should order a retrial. This will be the third trial. He said Judge Tom Bassert, Judge Helen Wilson, and Judge Ian Harrison could be acquitted instead.

Brett Hatfield, who appeared at Crown, said he did not admit that the jury’s instructions were incorrect.

“I admit it might have been better expressed, but I don’t need perfection,” Hatfield said.

Hae-in’s trial heard that he was chatting with a woman on social media, and met for the first time on September 30 when he took a taxi to his home in Newcastle on his way back to Sydney from the back party weekend.

When the woman noticed he was waiting outside the taxi, she resolutely told him she didn’t want to have sexual contact with him, she told the court. Nevertheless, Hae-in took off his jeans and assaulted him.

In May, Judge Syme told the woman not to touch Hayne “clearly and firmly”, but he was “enthusiastic” about sexual activity and “at that time simply chose to ignore her. “.


In a statement about the impact on the victim, the woman elaborated on how the incident affected her “mentally, physically, socially and academically” and was unable to work for six months. She has individually sued Hae-in in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

“What I experienced was terrible. No one should feel that way,” the woman said in a statement. “I remember my body and my heart didn’t forget me.”

Hae-in watched the appeal procedure on a video link from the Cooma Correction Center, sat quietly, and wore a dark suit and black tie.

If his appeal fails, he will be eligible for parole in January 2025.

The trial will continue.

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The court said the route to Jury Jarid Haein was flawed.

Source link The court said the route to Jury Jarid Haein was flawed.

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