The BOM predicts more heavy rainfall in Sydney as the largest floods since March 2021 surround the city.

Cyclones on the east coast that descend overnight in Sydney are projected to cause further floods in already saturated catchments and floods in the Hawkesbury, Nepean, and Colo rivers.

Andrew Edmans, a spokesman for the New South Wales State Emergency Services (NSW SES), said:

Floods can exceed the flood levels reached in the three major Hawkesbury flood events since March 2021.

Flood levels on the Hawkesbury River, such as here in North Richmond, are increasing faster than expected. ((((Provided by: Meteorological Bureau).

Driving the expected flood peaks is another burst of heavy rainfall overnight.

“We are seeing more rain late tonight and early tomorrow morning as the cyclone approaches,” said Jonathan Howe, a forecaster for the Meteorological Bureau on Sunday.

“We warn about the possibility of 6 hours of rainfall up to 120 mm in total.”

Fierce waterfalls can also hit parts of IllawarraIt is inland from Wollongong, and it has already rained more than 600mm since Friday.

This is almost half of Sydney’s average annual rainfall for just two days.


Hurt the wind and surf along the way

However, according to the Meteorological Bureau, floods are not the only danger facing the Sydney region.

“There will be some damaging winds tonight,” Howe said.

“I’ve already seen some pretty strong winds blowing along the Sydney coast at 70-80 kilometers per hour.

“As the low pressure system moves towards the coast, we can see the winds get stronger tonight.”

A wave of about 5 meters, which coincides with tonight’s high tide, has also been warned of harmful waves, leading to coastal erosion.


Rain is expected to ease on Tuesday, but floods are likely to remain high.

“New South Wales, you’ve experienced this before. It’s a shame it’s happening again,” Howe said.

Dam spills faster than the 2021 flood

The overnight downpour led to Warragamba, Sydney’s main dam. Spill hours earlier than expectedAccording to Tony Webber, a spokesman for Dam Operator Water NSW.

“Due to the intensity of the rain in the catchment area, storage reached capacity at 2:00 am this morning and exceeded capacity, which is much higher than expected,” he said.

By this afternoon, according to WaterNSW, water was spilling from the dam at a faster rate than at the peak of the 2021 flood.

Howe said saturated soil is exacerbating heavy rainfall and accelerating the rate of rise of rivers.


The Hawkesbury River in North Richmond is projected to reach about 15 meters late Sunday evening, causing a major flood.

The Meteorological Bureau states that the forecasted rainfall could increase further.


Andrew Edmunds of NSWSES said: 41 evacuation orders and 44 warnings issued Illawarra, Western Sydney, Hawkesbury-To the Nepean community.

The SES advises those subject to flood warnings to prepare to leave.

“Prepare the emergency kit for use with warm clothing, important documents, medicines, laptops, phones and chargers,” Edmonds said.

“And keep it as up-to-date as possible all night on the SES website, Facebook page, and Bureau of Meteorology website.”


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The BOM predicts more heavy rainfall in Sydney as the largest floods since March 2021 surround the city.

Source link The BOM predicts more heavy rainfall in Sydney as the largest floods since March 2021 surround the city.

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