The Body Shop spreads the joy of Christmas with a new purpose-driven campaign

NS Liv Croagh December 8, 2021 Read for 2 minutes

The Body Shop has launched an integrated Christmas campaign. Launched in December 2021, this campaign aims to encourage customers to spread their joy.

In partnership with Habas Village, the media, the influencer campaigns earned, also aim to give gifts with the purpose of giving back. The campaign named “Spread the Love, Share the Joy this Christmas” is a global narcissistic campaign.

The Body Shop campaign, which encourages consumers to be kind to themselves, includes formats that have an impact across YouTube and Spotify, not just Internet TV. Havas Village is also associated with branded podcasts and content partnerships. Active activity Digital creators and influencers who have been involved in embodying the theme of the campaign.

A complete funnel-shaped social strategy has ensured “spreading love.” Share a message of joy that dominated both Instagram and Facebook. This content also includes a contest that invites customers to nominate someone who brought joy to them in 2021. The Body Shop Joy Hub Platform..

The campaign creative begins with a colorful 30-second video that brings the illustrated global creative to life. It uses animation rather than live-action, which spotlights the act of tenderness.

The influencer division that won the campaign saw a global beauty brand working with “Joy Squad.” It consists of an ambassador and a charity partner, Little Dreamers, and sheds light on an estimated 1 in 10 Australian children and young adults who provide unpaid care to their families.

The director of the activist at The Body Shop’s Shannon Crisp APAC brand said: As an activist brand, we advocate the idea that we must first love and respect ourselves in order to give back to the world and make a real difference. And now we are calling on a joyful group to direct their self-love to the act of selfless love and tenderness. Focus their inner focus outwards to provoke a movement of joy during this holiday season. What we have taught us in the last few years is the value of relationships and small kind acts. Our Christmas campaign celebrates it – a bold and fun connection that raises a smile. “

The campaign will run until December.

The Body Shop spreads the joy of Christmas with a new purpose-driven campaign

Source link The Body Shop spreads the joy of Christmas with a new purpose-driven campaign

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