The best photos around the world

Gallery: The best photos from around the world

Gallery: The best photos from around the world

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The best photos from international news agencies, selected by our photo editors.

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A woman dressed as Mexico’s iconic ‘Catrina’ joins a grand Catrina procession as part of the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations in Mexico


A Nepalese police officer paints vermilion on the forehead of a police dog during the Kukkur Tihar Dog Festival held at the police kennel department in Kathmandu,


A woman poses in front of a maple tree in full foliage on October 23, 2022 in Kansas City,


A steam train runs through forests destroyed by bark beetles and drought in the Harz Mountains near the train station in Schierke,


Artillery and mortar craters crash through the ground next to a destroyed Russian tank in Kamyanka, Kharkiv region,


Police remove demonstrators from in front of the Canadian embassy during protests to reject government-requested international military force in Port-au-Prince,


People line up with plastic bottles to refill water from tanks in the center of


Destroyed homes are seen after a tornado hit Billucourt in northern France. A tornado-like storm in northern France ripped off part of the roof of a church, cut down trees and power lines, and left many people without safe places to


A herd of sheep walks past the Plaza Mayor in central Madrid, Spain. Sheep were guided through the streets of Madrid by shepherds to protect ancient grazing and migration rights that seem increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural


Autumn-colored trees stand beside trees destroyed by bark beetle and drought near Schierke,


Hungarian honor guards attend the official flag-raising ceremony for the 66th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian anti-communist uprising in front of the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest,


Rowers row along the Arga River as the sun sets on an autumn evening in Pamplona, ​​northern The best photos around the world

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