The Best Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting In Sydney

The online gambling situation in Australia is a bit dicey, requiring bookmakers and companies to tread carefully lest they run the risk of breaking the law. While Australia permits the operation of online bookmakers and gambling companies, such companies are forbidden from advertising their services. They are also required to obtain a license to offer betting services to Australian residents.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 is the legislative framework that governs all forms of gambling in Sydney, Australia. This Act permits the registration and licensing of online sports betting companies but prevents online gambling on specific activities like slots, poker and casino games. It is important to note that the legislation places liability on the companies rather than players and citizens. Luckily, the act lists out sports categories in which companies may accept online betting from Australian citizens.

The Best Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting In Sydney

The prohibition of online poker, casino games and in-play at Australian betting games caused several native bettors to embrace offshore companies. However, this posed a significant problem in terms of safe cross-border payments. While several trustworthy offshore companies accept these bets from Australians, some companies hide under the guise of being offshore to defraud innocent bettors. To this end, our focus today is on exploring safe betting payment channels for Australian bettors.

Best Online Betting Payment Methods

  1. Using Visa/MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are some of the most reliable payment merchants globally. Sports betting websites understand the safety concerns of punters when it comes to making payments online. With a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, Australian punters living in Sydney can make instant deposits to their betting wallets at no cost whatsoever.

The money is withdrawn straight from your bank account and appears in your betting wallet within seconds, enabling you to place bets on the go. The only downsides to this option are having to enter your card details and slow withdrawal times. Australia isn’t the only country where visa and MasterCard payments are accepted. European countries like Hungary allow bettors to fund their darts fogadásbetting wallets.

  1. PayPal

Paypal is a global payment platform that allows users to make and receive cross-border payments via email addresses. You’ll need to open an account and add your debit or credit details to use their service. One of the benefits of using PayPal is the instantaneous payment it offers.

Another essential feature of Paypal betting sites is their SSL security feature that keeps your financial information safe. With over twenty years of eWallet experience and handling international payments, PayPal is a force to reckon with. While deposits are instant, withdrawing into your PayPal account may take about two days. The only disadvantage that comes from using PayPal is the currency conversion fees they charge on payments.

  1. Apple Pay

Another safe payment method for bettors is by using apple pay. Apple Pay is a payment function built into iPhones and iPads that lets you make payments on the go without carrying your debit card. All you have to do is set up your apple pay profile and link your credit or debit card to your smartphone.

You can use this profile to make instant payments on betting sites without any transaction fees. It is essential to note that Apple Pay cannot be used for withdrawals and is only available to Apple customers. Additionally, the bookmaker has to have the apple pay feature in the accounts section of their website to facilitate payment via this method.

  1. Bank Transfers

If any of the new school methods don’t work for you, you can always resort to the good old system of bank transfers. All you have to do is make a cash transfer to the bookmaker’s account. However, bank transfers are the slowest method of funding your betting wallet. You should also check to confirm if your referred bookmaker requires additional fees for bank transfer payments.

Some betting sites accept bank transfer payments through the POLi system to ensure punters have instant access to their funds. POLi is a third-party online payment platform that lets punters log into their banking accounts while the platform handles the rest (at a 1% commission fee). POLi also has SSL security that ensures the best customer data protection standards in the industry. While it offers instant deposits, POLi is a third party payment provider and cannot be used for withdrawals.

The Best Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting In Sydney

Important Things to Note before Making an Online Betting Payment

Whatever betting payment method you have chosen there are certain guidelines to follow before entering your financial details or making that transfer. These rules are just safety guidelines that help protect your funds and reduce the risk of being scammed by fraudulent unregistered gambling operators.

  • Check for the bookmaker’s license. While the bookmaker may be unregistered in Sydney, they may be registered elsewhere in Europe. Most reputable bookmakers are registered in Malta, Greece and other European cities like London.
  • Read customer reviews and user experience before hitting that pay button. Details such as website security protection and customer data protection should not be taken for granted. Your goal is to win money, not lose some without trying.
  • Cross-check the payment options available on your chosen platform to verify details like speed and requirements like fees, accessibility and currency.

Some other payment platforms worthy of mentioning are Paysafecard, Neteller, skrill, cryptocurrency and flexepin. These payment methods have different perks and regulations, including commission fees, deposit only payments, and a complete transaction timeline.

Mightytips’ experts have generated a list of verified payment providers per country and sport, ranging from darts fogadás to Australian betting sites to fast track your payments. All you have to do is choose your preferred sport or country for a list of bookmakers and payment systems you can trust.


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